Release Notes 3.17.0 - Wise Watermelon

Important Notes

  • Features marked with a star (*) have to be activated by ITONICS. For more information, please contact your Account- or Customer Success Manager.
  • Please make sure to clear your browser cache once the update was processed, in order to avoid cache conflicts. 

Take a look at the product update article to see the release highlights at a glance.



  • NUC-12438 - Improved the capabilities of the bulk actions in the campaign management board to now allow users to easily assign only specific submissions for evaluation or bulk rate actions, increasing flexibility of campaign management.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 16.45.51.png

  • NUC-13168 - Extended the actions recorded in the campaign timeline also to the workflow configuration and submission definition tabs to ensure transparency on changes applied to a campaign’s setup.
  • NUC-13249 - Improved the permissions around the campaign management tab to facilitate campaign management while ensuring a common view on submissions across different campaign participants.
  • NUC-14110 - Aligned the design of the campaign management tab across both always-on and time-bound campaigns for consistency and understandability.


  • NUC-12968 - Extended the campaign capabilities by now also allowing to share the URL of submissions to introduce further consistency throughout the application.


Entity Configuration

  • NUC-12966 - Introduced a new configuration option that allows to configure a default sorting option across the different modules such as Explorer, Radar, Matrix, etc., to i.e. streamline the default view to always show the latest elements created.*
  • NUC-13081 - Extended the functionality to restrict tabs for specific users in the create and edit form also to the Relations tab for consistency and better control of content visible to, i.e. first-time users. 


Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 16.46.16.png


  • NUC-13289 - Improved the permissions of global saved filters for more controlled creation and editing of public filters or filters for selected user groups.


  • NUC-12969 - Introduced a tooltip for aggregated ratings to increase understandability and consistency.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 16.46.45.png

  • NUC-13622 - Extended the capabilities of the aggregated rating configuration for further flexibility.
  • NUC-14135 - Extended the capabilities of context rating by allowing users to update rating values for multiple contexts at a time.*


  • NUC-13761 - Improved the quality of search results in both Explorer and Global Search by introducing a scoring logic to determine search result relevance and consistency across both search options.

System Statistics

User Management

  • NUC-13058 - Improved user management by making the user export dependent on the actual filter selection in the Manage Users page to also allow exporting of a specific user selection.



  • NUC-13135 - Extended the capabilities of Signals by using the logic of the global saved filters within the Signals feed. Save filter settings for the Signals feed, either for your own private use, or publicly to allow other users to easily apply the same filter selection to easily achieve a common view on relevant signals.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 16.47.13.png



  • NUC-13742 - Included the parent child relation information in GET requests for consistency.*


Open Innovation

External Gateway

  • NUC-13616 - Extended the capabilities of the External Gateway to allow users to predefine a parent element to which incoming submissions shall automatically be related, if a child entity type is used for external submissions, reducing manual work through automatic relation setting.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 16.47.44.png



  • NUC-13732 - Introduced a new workflow trigger type Value Add that allows to append pre-configured values to multi-select list fields to cover more complex workflow cases/processes.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 16.48.07.png



  • NUC-12065 - Improved the understandability of the synced roadmap dates feature by introducing an additional warning message to prevent unintended adjustments of elements in sync across roadmaps.
  • NUC-13169 - Introduced a new PNG export for the roadmap, allowing to easily export the entire roadmap view as an image file, i.e. for further use in reporting slides.
  • NUC-13179 - Improved the roadmap visualization capabilities by introducing a new functionality to centrally define Roadmap connection types, that can be selected when drawing roadmap connections, to improve their relevance as another dimension to provide valuable information to stakeholders on a roadmap.

Screenshot 2024-07-01 at 17.09.44.png

Minor Releases

Under this section, small improvements and bug fixes of minor releases are listed.

3.17.1 (Released on 12th of July 2024)


  • NUC-14767 - Fixed a minor translation issue in the bulk edit page.
  • NUC-14769 - Fixed an issue around demo system setup.

3.17.2 (Released on 17th of July 2024)


  • NUC-14811 - Fixed an issue around the location search field, which caused the Explorer page and any other visualization including entity types that utilize the location search field to not load properly.

3.17.3 (Released on 18th of July 2024)


  • NUC-13634 - Fixed an issue that led to the fact that some field options were missing from the timeline GET response.
  • NUC-14558 - Fixed a formatting issue within the timeline information in the GET response for list and segment fields.


  • NUC-14586 - Fixed an issue where submission filters were not applied correctly when switching between rating quick filters on the campaign management board.
  • NUC-14834 - Fixed an issue that led to a custom user search field in a campaign mistakenly being deleted if the single user added as a value was deleted from the system.


  • NUC-14074 - Fixed an issue in the user search where special characters lead to wrong search results.
  • NUC-14765 - Fixed an issue that led to an issue with the default role mapping.
  • NUC-14785 - Fixed an issue that led to a header title mismatch in the user CSV import. 


  • NUC-14585 - Fixed an issue where pasting wrongly formatted date values into the date picker filters in the dashboard was not prevented accordingly.


  • NUC-14603 - Fixed an issue that led to a timeout error when importing large amounts of rating data.
  • NUC-14695 - Fixed an issue in the aggregated rating sliders that allowed saving blank values in the aggregated rating slider option, leading to no values being saved on the underlying rating sliders.


  • NUC-14803 - Fixed an issue that occurred when clicking on the manage filter option for the saved filters in the Signals feed.


  • NUC-14592 - Fixed a design issue that led to a workflow button wrongly positioned on the details page.
  • NUC-14682 - Fixed an issue in the convert entity trigger type that led to the confirmation popup to confirm the workflow button action not being submitted.
  • NUC-14692 - Fixed an issue in the convert entity trigger that led to rating values not being taken over correctly to the destination element.
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