Knowing what is happening: The System statistics dashboard

What is it? 

As an Application Owner, you want to know what is going on with your application. The ITONICS System statistics dashboard provides you with an overview of active users, created elements, user activities, and the Top content elements.

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How does it work?

The System statistics dashboard can be accessed from the main navigation menu. Hover over the main menu item Dashboard and click on System statistics. If you have configured your own dashboards, they will also appear under this list.

In the System statistics dashboard, you will find:

  • Number of Active Users (and change over the last 30 days)
    A user is counted as an active user when he has logged into the system within the last 30 days.
    The count is calculated between the time of the beginning day (00:00 o'clock today) and the beginning date of the day 30 days ago (00:00 o'clock). Thus, users that have logged in today after 00:00 are not considered in the number of active users. Blocked users are also excluded.

    Please note that this behavior leads to a difference when comparing the user statistics and when you do a manual calculation from the user management list

  • Number of Total Users (and change over the last 30 days)
    This number includes all non-blocked and blocked users and compares them to the total amount 30 days ago.
  • Number of content Elements per entity. The date range can be adjusted individually. Depending on the selected date range, the difference between the elements will be displayed.
  • Number of Activities in the last 30 days (and its change in comparison to the period before)
    • Comment 
    • Follow
    • Share
    • Relate
    • Rate
    • Like
    • Visit
  • Charts over time for Login Rate, Activity Rate and General Statistics
  • Breakdown (%) of content per entity, users per role, and content per publication status, and
  • List of Top elements
    • can be filtered by Element Type, Date Range, Comments, Visits, Likes
    • is able to display more than the Top10 elements via Load More button


More detailed information on user activities can be found when downloading an xls of your user base or content base.

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