How can I sort elements in the Explorer?

Elements can be sorted in the Explorer via the sort drop-down. By clicking the button in the right upper corner elements can be sorted by Alphabet, by Date Modification, by Date Creation, by Likes, by Followers and Comments in Ascending or Descending order. Selecting filter criteria will rearrange the elements.


  • Alphabet (1) Sorting by the starting letter of the element.
  • Date Modification (2) Sorting by date the element last got updated.
  • Date Creation (3) Sorting by date the element got created.
  • Likes (4) Sorting by how many likes the element got.
  • Follower (5) Sorting by how many followers the element got.
  • Comments (6) Sorting by how many comments the element got.
  • Ascending / Descending (7) Either choose to arrange the elements from highest to lowest (decending) or from lowest to highest (ascending).


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