ITONICS Enterprise 3.17.0 - Wise Watermelon

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This release focuses on:

  • Improving the configurability of roadmap connections
  • Introducing a bulk edit functionality for the Explorer
  • Improving the capabilities of the Signals feed

Innovate better. Faster. Together.

To deep-dive into the details of the release, take a look at the release notes.

Roadmap connection types

We have improved the capabilities of the roadmap with the new roadmap connection types functionality. Now it is possible to centrally configure types of roadmap connections which can be selected when drawing connections on the roadmap visualization, as well as from the roadmap tab of an individual element. The option to enrich roadmap connection types with additional content (color, line style, title) improves their relevance as another dimension to provide valuable information to stakeholders on your roadmap.

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Explorer bulk edit

We have implemented a new bulk edit functionality in the Explorer to facilitate adjusting values of specific field types across elements of a particular entity type in bulk. For example, comfortably update the health status of multiple Innovation Projects at once.

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Saved filters for Signals

We have improved the capabilities within the Signals Feed by making use of the global saved filters functionality. Save filter settings for the Signals feed per element, either for your own private use, publicly or with a selected user group to allow other users to easily apply the same filter selection to comfortably achieve a common view on relevant signals.

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