How to view the activities and history of a content element

What is it?

Throughout ITONICS Enterprise users can perform different activities, such as creating new Elements or commenting on Elements. To be able to track those activities, there is both the General Timeline to track activity history overall, as well as the Element Specific Timeline feature used to track activities related to a specific Element Type.

To view an Element Specific Timeline navigate to an Element’s Detail Page and click on the Clock Icon in the top right half of the Detail Page. (1)

Narrow down the timeline

In order to narrow down the timeline and receive a more detailed view, you can use the Filter Section to apply one of the following options:

Quick Filter

Apply a Quick Filter to immediately filter for a predefined criteria such as Rating Activities, Workflow changes, or select from a dropdown of actions of type engagement, such as Create, Share, Comment, Like, and Follow. (2)

Date Range Filter

Define a specific time period to only filter for activities that occurred between two dates. (3)

User Search Field

Filter for activities conducted by one specific User or select multiple Users by using the User Search Field. (3)


Identify the time between two Actions

In order to identify the time between two actions, for example, to answer the question “How long did a Project stay in a specific phase?”, you can use the quick filters and then check the time indicated on the timeline between two records


Grant access to the Element-Specific Timeline

To administer users’ access to the element-specific timelines, Application Owners need to open the Entity Configuration and navigate to the global Permission Configuration tab. Here, inside the Core Module Permissions, you can adjust the permission to View the Element Specific (Individual) Timeline pages by checking/unchecking the boxes for the different user roles.

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