Viewing, liking, rating, following, sharing, exporting, and commenting on content elements


What is it? 

A key value of the application is to exchange opinions and get informed about the latest developments on numerous topics. That is why, each content element in the application has its own detail page from which varying users can engage with the content depending on what is permitted by the Application Owner, i.e., 

How does it work?

Once you have entered a content element, you will find several options to engage with that content.

Getting informed by viewing the content entered

Each element has its own detail page where you can learn more about it. To enter an element detail page, go to the Explore section on the main menu and enter the Explorer. Find a content element of interest and enter its detail page by clicking on the respective title.

You will be directed to the content element's detail page which includes:

  • The unique ID of the element (1)
  • Any possible actions associated with the element (share, like, share permission, follow, archive, export) are available in the menu on the element detail’s page in the top right corner. (2)
  • Below the Abstract section, you can find further information about this element like the date of creation, last changes, the total number of visits, and documents. (3)
  • In the sub-menu and the tabs, you can read and explore more about this particular element. (4)
  • To see recent changes in the element, click the timeline icon. (5)
  • You can find detailed information about this element in the content section, including the description, attachments, references, and comments. (6)
  • Further attributes such as ratings, segments, or tags are displayed in the right side's meta-information section. (7)


Liking to express confirmation

To Like (Thumbs up) content, navigate to a content element's detail page and click the corresponding icon on the upper right menu. The icon turns pink when activated, and the counter next to it indicates the number of overall likes. 


Follow to receive updates on the content

To Follow content, navigate to a content element's detail page and click the corresponding icon on the upper right menu. The icon turns pink when activated, and the counter next to it indicates the number of overall followers. Followers will be informed via email if an update to the content element is available. 


The following actions trigger a notification if a user has subscribed to follow an element:

  • Someone edited an element you follow
  • Someone added a new rating to an element you follow
  • Someone added a new relation to an element you follow
  • Someone removed a relation from an element you follow
  • Someone removed a rating from an element you follow

Sharing to make others aware as well

You can share your thoughts about a specific topic with your colleagues or ask about certain activities. To share elements with different users, click the Share button in the elements detail page's upper right menu.

Please note: This option is not available for elements that have the "Draft" status and for Submissions on a Campaign.



After clicking the button, you'll see a pop-up.


Here you can:

  • Choose recipients and select from the following options:
    • Individual users
    • User groups
    • User contexts
    • User roles
  • Add a message (optional).
  • Get a shareable link.

When ready, click the Share button.

Learn here how to share permissions to an element so other users can perform specific actions on it. 

Commenting to express an opinion verbally

To comment on an element, go to the detail page of an element you want to comment on. Search for the comments section which can be on the first page already or on a separate tab. Write your comment and click Submit.


You can also reply to existing comments by clicking on the Reply comment link.


If you want to notify a specific user about your comment, type an @ followed by their user name.


To evaluate existing comments, you can Like them by clicking the Thumbs up icon below the comment. You can also Edit or Delete individual comments. If there are more than a few comments, you can also sort them to see those most relevant to your needs. 


Comments that have been added in the last 24 hours are highlighted with a "New" label.


Rating to express an opinion numerically

The rating functionality is usually placed in the right sidebar of the detail view of an Element. To provide your rating, click on the button Rate now in the rating widget.


A pop-up will open from which you can provide your evaluation and where you can add further comments to your rating.

Note that the rating of a particular rating criterion/-slider is only saved if the user clicks and selects one of the available values in the scale/range of the rating criterion. If a specific rating criterion/-slider is not touched, it will be counted as N/A, not with the lowest value of the corresponding rating scale.


Please note that you can only enter comments up to 128 characters. 

Your rating will be shown on the detail page by a dot on the ranges. If activated, the average of all evaluators will be shown by the bar within the ranges.


It is also possible to change and update your own rating. To do this, simply submit the new rating via the Rate now button and click on Update rating. The old rating(s) is/are still visible on the Rating Analysis tab for users with appropriate permissions, but set to Inactive.

Note that with 3.14.0, if you context rate an element only for the first time, you have the option to provide the same rating values at once for multiple rating context. However, if you update a rating, you can only do this for one context at a time.


With the respective permission, there is also an option to analyze and compare or to manage and delete all ratings via the Rating Analysis tab.

Exporting to pdf or xls to progress it further at some other place

  1. Go to the detail page of an Element by clicking on the Element that you wish to export.
  2. Locate the actions menu on the top right and select Export to xlsx (all data) icon (1) or Export to PDF icon (2).
  3. The download will start automatically.



Please note: In Edge browser, you need to turn off Open Office files in the browser, clear browser cache and turn off all office packages in desktop. Otherwise, no .xlsx file will be created which is needed to open the file in Excel. To do so you need to open the Edge browser and go to Settings (1) >> Downloads (2) >> Open Office files in the browser (3).




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