Manage Ratings

What is it?

Within the Rating Analysis tab, the application owner or user with the appropriate permission has the ability to analyze, filter, or delete the individual ratings that have been submitted for an element.

How does it work?

You need to enter the detail page of an element. If you have permission, you will find the Rating Analysis tab.

From here you have several options:

If you click on the Manage Ratings menu (1) a new window will open up where you can see all users that performed ratings. You can also choose to delete the users`ratings from here.



If 3 or more criteria has been judged a spiderweb will appear. You can now Compare Ratings (2) from different groups by using the dropdown filter menu in the top right corner. From there, you can compare the perspectives of up to two groups.

Please note: The system's primary brand color is reflected in the spider graph for "My Current Rating" and an orange color tone is displayed for the average rating, which is indicated next to the label that is not configurable.

At the bottom of the tab you will find an overview of all Rating Values (3). The overview provides information on the User name, Rating Criteria and Value, Date and Status of the rating and whether a rating has been commented on.

By clicking on the Filter menu (4) you have the possibility to filter the displayed results according to the criteria from the Rating Values.

The Status of a rating can be Active (the most recent rating of a user), Inactive (a previous rating of a user that was updated by him/herself and is now invalid) or Deleted (the rating was deleted via the Manage Ratings menu).




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