Release Notes 3.15.0 - Strong Strawberry

Important Notes

  • Features marked with a star (*) have to be activated by ITONICS. For more information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.
  • Please make sure to clear your browser cache once the update was processed, in order to avoid cache conflicts. 

Take a look at the product update article to see the release highlights at a glance.



  • NUC-12457 - Implemented a new functionality that comfortably allows converting a submission within a campaign into a configured destination entity type, i.e., easily converting a sound submission/idea into an innovation project element.

  • NUC-12458 - Introduced a new email template and trigger that allows initiating a mail to the creator of a submission and thus easily inform an idea submitter about the next steps in the campaign process.
  • NUC-12461 - Improved the rating configuration in the workflow configuration of a campaign by enabling an option to set certain rating criteria as mandatory to enforce evaluators to provide a value for those rating criteria when rating an assigned submission.
  • NUC-12571 - Improved the submission definition / form configuration in the campaign configuration by enabling vertical sorting of fields other than the static title, abstract, header image, and evaluators field.


Detail Page

  • NUC-10721 - Improved the Share permission functionality by now allowing multi-select of permissions to facilitate the share action.
  • NUC-11048 - Improved the way pearl chains are displayed on the detail page by highlighting the peal chains until the active phase to introduce further consistency with pearl chains in the campaigns module.
  • NUC-13121 - Made a small adjustment to the UI copy in the share permission modal for further consistency.

Entity Configuration

  • NUC-12674 - Introduced a configuration option to adjust the limitation of the number of characters allowed in single-line input fields (e.g., the title field).*
  • NUC-12689 - Improved the filter configuration by adding the missing rating filters to the selection of filters that can be enabled/disabled across the system.
  • NUC-12853 - Introduced a new option to configure an index/key and thus generate a custom ID per entity type, i.e. TECH-1 for the technology element type. However, this ID will only be reflected on the detail page, PDF and Excel export, and be retrievable via the API, e.g., for further reference in a third-party-tool outside the system, but not be available as a unique identifier for the element import.


  • NUC-4460 - Improved the performance of the filter section in the Explorer.
  • NUC-12408 - Implemented a new general ID filter that allows to search for element IDs and, i.e., provides all elements with the ID 1. Note that this filter does not apply to the new generated ID functionality.
  • NUC-12456 - Improved the design of the Active Filters section in the Explorer to provide further clarity and transparency on the underlying filter logic applied filters.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 17.47.32.png


  • NUC-13328 - Adjusted the logic of the rating excel export by splitting by users and contexts, rather than also splitting by rating group, to ultimately reduce the amount of rows in the export and only display the latest state of the ratings of an element.


  • NUC-12667 - Improved the global saved filters functionality by now allowing the editing of the title and visibility of saved filters, as well as allow removing filters from the selection of a saved filter.

  • NUC-12901 - Improved the context filter by making it a searchable filter dropdown to facilitate searching for a specific context for selection.

Landing Page

  • NUC-6074 - Introduced a new widget type called Explorer widget that allows you to dynamically display elements of a particular entity type on the custom landing page based on the filter settings configured for the respective widget, and combine those widgets with the existing custom widgets.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 17.38.30.png

  • NUC-7813 - Implemented a second new widget type called Banner widget that allows making use of the existing banner functionality of the standard landing page and integrating banners into the custom landing page to easily promote specific content, i.e. upcoming events or call for action.

  • NUC-12788 - Implemented a new functionality that allows the configuration of multiple custom landing pages, while being able to control the access/ visibility and, thus, provide tailored guidance for different stakeholders / audiences.


  • NUC-7067 - Implemented a new functionality to easily make a copy of an existing newsletter and its content to facilitate newsletter creation.
  • NUC-11048 - Applied minor design improvements to the newsletter layout.
  • NUC-12902 - Reordered the newsletter settings pages and combined them under one menu for more understandability.

Sidebar configuration

  • NUC-2886 - Implemented a new Sidebar configuration option to configure per entity type which fields shall be placed in the element sidebar, while being able to order the fields according to your liking.

Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 15.51.43.png

  • NUC-6074 - Added the synced roadmap start and end date fields to the sidebar configuration.
  • NUC-13145 - Introduced a default set of fields for the element sidebar, which can be adjusted afterward via the new sidebar configuration.*


  • NUC-12780 - Improved the convert trigger type by adding a new option to take over the creator of the existing element to the destination element.

Network Graph

Network Graph

  • NUC-12760 - Introduced a new multi-select filter Related Entity Type on the Network Graph that allows filtering down only the direct element connections / relations of selected entity type to a selected source entity type.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 17.50.27.png



  • NUC-12464 - Improved the Kanban board and introduced further clarity by now always showing the number of elements per column and swimlane irrespective of the KPI aggregation option being enabled or not.


  • NUC-12656 - Added the missing configurable dimensions of the Board, Matrix, and Radar visualizations into the URL to, i.e., allow more precise sharing of URL links of the visualizations or incorporating a redirect to the respective visualization on a custom landing page. 



  • NUC-12514 - Improved the synced roadmap dates feature by now indicating on the roadmap tab of an element whether a particular roadmap record is controlled by synced roadmap dates or not, through greying out the start and end date fields if in sync.

Minor Releases

Under this section, small improvements and bug fixes of minor releases are listed.

3.15.1 (Released on 24th of January 2024)


  • NUC-13520 - Fixing an issue within the EC with unnecessary scripts tags.
  • NUC-13521 - Adding missing custom menu code to latest release version.

3.15.2 (Released on 25th of January 2024)


  • NUC-13535 - Fixed an HMTL issue within different modules.

3.15.3 (Released on 29th of January 2024)


  • NUC-13550 - Fixed an issue where particular filters were shown incorrectly in the Applied Filters section on the Explorer.

3.15.4 (Released on 1st of February 2024)


  • NUC-13563 - Fixed an issue that led to notifications triggered by a workflow action button not being sent.

3.15.5 (Released on 6th of February 2024)


  • NUC-13209 - Fixed an issue for the validation shown on POST and PUT requests for non-mandatory segment levels for n-level segment fields.


  • NUC-13462 - Fixed an issue where a validation error was mistakenly shown when double-clicking into the Author user search field in the campaigns module.


  • NUC-13560 - Fixed an issue of the header image field missing in the create/edit form of previously disabled entity types.


  • NUC-13562 - Fixed an issue that led to sub-segments in the Radar visualization remaining expanded despite having cleared all filters.

3.15.6 (Released on 6th of February 2024)


  • NUC-13056 - Fixed an issue where the user was incorrectly redirected to the German page version after successfully editing a campaign phase in the English system version.
  • NUC-13186 - Fixed an issue where the “Create” button was shown to a sole viewer role that should not be able to create any element following the active “Hide child from create menu” option in the Parent-Child configuration.
  • NUC-13499 - Fixed an issue in the campaigns module where the ID of an already existing/created submission in the system matched the ID of a campaign element, to which the submission element has been submitted.


  • NUC-11937 - Fixed an issue where a validation message was displayed wrongly, though the correct data was added in a single line input field.
  • NUC-12413 - Fixed a translation issue.
  • NUC-12794 - Added missing Japanese character sets.
  • NUC-12960 - Fixed an issue that led to a saved filter including number field not being displayed correctly in the Active Filters section.
  • NUC-13087 - Fixed an issue where a validation error was mistakenly displayed indicating a character limit for the Tags field.
  • NUC-13160 - Implemented a new “Report” button option to adhere with the new EU Digital Service Act measures.
  • NUC-13213 - Fixed an issue that led to a comment not being fully readable without a “Read more” option shown.
  • NUC-13253 - Fixed an issue that led to the language slug missing from the URL after successful saving action of the create/edit form.
  • NUC-13430 - Improved the table chart by adding additional CSS styling to make the table structure more readable in the RTE field.
  • NUC-13466 - Fixed an issue with the permission for accessing the role configuration.
  • NUC-13501 - Fixed an issue that led to the same page error validation being mistakenly shown multiple times.


  • NUC-12892 - Fixed an issue where the color coding for the first segment was shown incorrectly on the chart if the “Show N/A” option was checked.
  • NUC-13415 - Fixed an issue that led to inconsistent data in the stacked bar chart if the “Show N/A” option has been checked.


  • NUC-13245 - Fixed an issue where the import of a deleted entity type ID resulted in an infinite loading error.
  • NUC-13304 - Fixed an import issue that was caused due to a non-existing user being written in the “Created By” column.
  • NUC-13335 - Improved an informative validation message in the case of an invalid date format being provided in the import template of the element import.
  • NUC-13444 - Fixed a design issue of group fields being depicted in the PDF export.
  • NUC-13544 - Fixed an issue where the status information was not shown correctly for each submission listed in the submission export.


  • NUC-13533 - Fixed an issue that led to some users being listed multiple times in the system leaderboard.


  • NUC-12395 - Fixed an issue where the design of the newsletter PDF was broken when using the “Create Newsletter” option from the Explorer.


  • NUC-13536 - Fixed an issue that led to a page error incorrectly being shown if a permitted user clicked on an element on the roadmap view to open the element sidebar.


  • NUC-12717 - Fixed an issue where deleted fields, that were configured in a workflow mapping, were not removed accordingly.
  • NUC-13563 - Fixed an issue that led to notifications triggered by a workflow action button not being sent.

3.15.7 (Released on 28th of February 2024)


  • NUC-13561 - Fixed the issue that led to submission information not being fetched through API GET requests.


  • NUC-13625 - Fixed an issue that led to user information mistakenly being duplicated in custom user search fields and corresponding filters of submissions.


  • NUC-13641 - Improved the understandability of the “Report” button functionality to adhere with the new EU Digital Service Act measures by adding additional information within the report modal.
  • NUC-13644 - Fixed an issue in the Explorer search bar that preventing confirming the actual search query. 
  • NUC-13657 - Fixed an issue where Hybrid Users were wrongly displayed in user search fields.
  • NUc-13659 - Fixed an issue that led to the advanced search in the Explorer search not working properly.
  • NUc-13668 - Fixed an issue with the Share URL functionality on the detail page that led to the popup modal showing a blank page.


  • NUC-13635 - Fixed an issue that led to the actual rating value breaching the visual scale of rating sliders and on the spider diagram.
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