Import and export rating values

What is it?

In order to enrich the data on your ITONICS platform with (existing) ratings or ratings you have collected from an external expert group that has no access to the platform, you may want to use the dynamic upload interface that adapts to your specific entity configuration and rating configuration.

How does it work?

Rating Import

Navigate to Settings > Export / Import Data > Rating Import and Select an element type.


Download the “Excel Import Template” by clicking on the “Generate Rating Import Template” button on the right-hand side.

The generated file consists of the following columns:

  • ID: The ID column expects a positive integer value but is not considered a unique identifier. ITONICS is looking into solutions for choosing ID as a unique identifier as well during import. For now, the ID column is just for information during export and therefore can be left empty.
  • Generated ID: The generated ID / Key column. This column is merely used as a reference column, concatenating the Key defined for the respective entity type in the entity configuration with the actual system. Note that this ID is not used as a unique identifier during the import.
  • Rated by: The Rated by column expects an existing user as a string value. This column is mandatory. The username (not the email address) needs to be added to the column.
  • Rated at: The Rated at column expects a valid date format (yyyy-mm-dd) and sets the create date accordingly.
  • Title: The Title column serves as the unique identifier between rating and the to be rated element. It expects an existing title as a string value. This column is mandatory.
  • Rating Criteria: The remaining columns are representing the specific rating criteria, that you added to the certain element types in the rating configuration ( These columns expect strings (e.g., “very low”) or integer values (e.g., “3”).

Note: if the Decimal Rating Import is enabled, a second sheet Decimal Rating Legends is created. Here, the ranges of the decimal ratings for the respective rating criteria are described. Additionally, each rating criteria receives a second decimal column that allows you to provide a decimal value for the rating criteria.

When ready, Save the Excel file, Click the Choose file button, Select the Excel file and Upload it to the platform by clicking the Import Ratings button.


If the import was successful, a confirmation message appears.


If the import identifies errors, warnings, or missing values, the import will be cancelled by showing the identified issues. 

Note: The import will fail, and an error message will be shown if the user provided via the Rated By column in the import template does not exist in the system.

Rating Export

If you want to work on the Ratings outside the ITONICS platform, you can export the Ratings in Excel format. There are different ways to export ratings:

Option 1: Export all Ratings for a specific Element type

Navigate to Settings > Export / Import Data > Rating Export and Select an Element type. After you select an Element type, the download with all Ratings for the Elements per user will be started automatically. The rating results within the exported file are presented and split based on the user context and users performing the rate action, while they are not split based on the rating groups configured. Note that the “Rated At” column will display the latest date when ratings are provided by the same user on different dates in the same context, meaning the latest excerpt and status of the ratings is included in the rating export. As the assigned user contexts such as business unit of the user are included in the export, this allows for further analysis of the ratings outside the ITONICS system.


Option 2: Export Elements with attached Ratings

Please use the Element export article for further information. The ratings will be attached to the export. Please keep in mind that these values are average values.

Please note: Rating Comments and the Rating Status cannot be imported.

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