Report illegal content

What is it? 

Following the new EU regulation Digital Services Act (please refer to legal provisions of the EU), ITONICS as an application provider is requested to provide a permanent option for users to report any illegal or criminal content added throughout the system at any time. For this purpose, the Report button is available at the bottom right of the page, which allows you to report illegal content to ITONICS directly, i.e. an uploaded image including malicious content, which will then be evaluated by the legal team.

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How does it work? 

You can find the Report button on the lower right side of any page on the ITONICS platform.

By clicking it, you will be able to file a report of illegal content via a form.

  • Briefly name the content to be reported. (1)
  • Summarize and describe why you report the content and why you deem the content illegal or malicious. (2
  • Provide the system location via URL where you found the illegal content. (3)
  • Attach a screenshot to illustrate and provide further context on the content that you are reporting. (4)
  • Provide a consent that you declare the information provided in the report truthful and complete to the best of your knowledge and belief. (5)
  • Click on the Send button to send the report to ITONICS. (6)

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Note: Once you have submitted your report, it will be sent to ITONICS and evaluated by the ITONICS legal team. If necessary, ITONICS will contact the sender for further information and, if required, take immediate actions to consult with the system's Application Owner / responsible to take steps to remove the illegal or criminal content from the application.

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