How to create and send a newsletter

Who can use this feature?

Every user with granted access rights can create a newsletter. Please note that this can be activated and controlled by the Application Owner.

What is it?

Create and send out newsletters on the ITONICS system to engage with your users and keep them updated on developments, share interesting insights, and encourage participation.

There are three ways to create newsletters:

  1. Create a new newsletter from scratch
  2. Create a newsletter by selecting content in the Explorer
  3. Copy an existing newsletter

How does it work?

Create a newsletter from scratch

  • Go to the Settings Wheel > Newsletter.
  • Click on the Add Newsletter button on the Newsletter form page to start filling in the fields. (1)


    • Begin with selecting your Recipients that are either single users, user groups or roles within the system. You can also select to invite all users. (2)
    • Add a Subject (shown as the email title). (3)
    • Upload a Header-Image which will appear at the top of your newsletter (4)
    • Add a Section Title (5). You can add more than one section by clicking on the Add Section button below (8).
    • You can define the content of a section via a Rich Text Field Editor (6).
    • Select the content elements that you want to include in your newsletter (7).
    • You can add an Individual Footer to your newsletter. (9) Otherwise, the general newsletter footer will be used.


When you are finished with the setup, click Save to save the Newsletter as a draft.

Create a Newsletter from the Explorer

Go to the Explorer and select several content elements. You can select content either from the select option before the content section starts or by clicking into the white space of a content card (11). Note: If you would click on the title, abstract, or image, other actions will be triggered.

Once finished with the selection, click on the Create Newsletter button (12) which will then appear after the selection. Once hit, you will be redirected to the Create Newsletter and can continue as described under 'create a newsletter from scratch'.

Note that the number of elements that can directly be selected from the Explorer and placed into a Newsletter are limited to 24. 


Copy an existing newsletter

Under System > Newsletters > Manage Newsletters, permitted users are allowed to copy a newsletter by clicking on the “Copy” action button in the overview table of all newsletters.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 17.00.30.png

Clicking on the action button will open a new popup window prompting the user to provide a new Subject for the copied newsletter. By clicking the Save button, the copy of the existing newsletter will be created and will be listed accordingly on the newsletter overview table. The newly created copy will have all the content of the original newsletter, while the content can still be adjusted using the Edit functionality.

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 17.00.56.png

Changing the newsletter footer

If you do not select an individual footer, a general footer will be included in all newsletters.

To change this general footer, please navigate to the Settings Wheel > System Administration > Newsletter Settings. Here, you can add/edit the footer content in the rich text editor field. Click Save.


Actions available for newsletters

In the newsletter form, you can perform certain actions by clicking on one of the five icons on the right-hand side:

Screenshot 2024-01-18 at 17.01.42.png

  • Test the newsletter (send the newsletter to your email address to view it). (1)
  • Preview the newsletter in a pop-up directly in the application. (2)
  • Export the newsletter as a PDF. (3)
  • Copy an existing newsletter (permission-controlled). (4)
  • Send the newsletter. (5)
  • Edit the newsletter. (6)
  • Delete the newsletter. (7)

Please note: Once the newsletter has been sent, it can no longer be edited.

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