ITONICS Enterprise 3.15.0 - Strong Strawberry

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This release focuses on:

  • Improving the capabilities of the custom landing page
  • Introducing the submission convert functionality
  • Improving the configurability of the element sidebar

Innovate better. Faster. Together.

To deep-dive into the details of the release, take a look at the release notes.

Multiple landing pages and new widget types

We have improved the capabilities of the custom landing page. Now, it is possible to configure multiple landing pages for different stakeholders. This feature allows you to configure tailored landing pages for different audiences to control users’ entry point into the system and comfortably provide additional, tailored guidance for users.

Besides, we have introduced two new widget types for the custom landing page. Make use of the Explorer widget type to dynamically display elements of a specific entity type on your custom landing page based on the filter settings configured for the respective widget. Configure your own Banner widget to integrate a banner into your custom landing page to easily promote specific content, such as upcoming events.

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Convert feature for submissions

We have implemented the convert functionality for the campaigns module. Now, it is possible to easily allow the conversion of sound submissions / ideas into elements of another entity type, such as innovation project, by allowing to configure a mapping between the submission and a destination entity type in the campaign setup. Thus, this functionality allows you to seamlessly transition from “How to Win” to “What to Execute”.

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Element sidebar configuration

We have introduced a new configuration for the element sidebar. Now, you have the option to configure the element sidebar according to your needs to easily draw attention to specific fields and display more in-depth information in the element preview.

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