Adding content elements

What is it? 

Content is the lifeblood of your application and sets the basis for making the right decisions.

Depending on your user role and the licenses purchased, the ITONICS application provides users with different options to add content. Below, you will find all possible options to add content.

Single content intake options

Bulk content intake options


How does it work?

Using the "+Create"-Button 

To add content pieces via the create button, find it close to the mid of the main top navigation bar. Click the Create button in the top menu.

Your Application Owner has defined the different high-level options for intaking content. By hovering over the button, you will see the list of available options. Choose the option that best characterizes the content that you want to add.



A new page opens which provides you with a template and the necessary information fields which you need to fill. The template has been configured by your Application Owner and mandatory fields are marked by an asterisk (*).


Please note that the content intake form can consist of different tabs. Make sure to navigate through all the tabs, e.g., you might be asked to indicate relations from the "relations tab" with already existing content elements in the system.  

Please also note that you can only upload images of the format .jpg or .png for the profile image. The best resolution depends on how the image is late displayed. If it is used as a banner image, the best resolution is 1800 x 640 pixels. If it is used as the default content tile, the best resolution is 250 × 190 pixels.

Once you have completed the creation process you can decide to Save as Draft or directly Save and Publish it. If you choose the second option, the content element will directly become visible in the application. Elements with the status "Draft" are only visible to their creators and the application owner.


Please note: You cannot rate items with the publication status "Draft". This also means that no ratings can be imported for these elements. However, it is possible to add ratings afterwards using the Rating Import function (but the status of the corresponding element must first be changed to "Published").

Besides this normal flow, it might be that your Application Owner has designed a review process. In this case, you will not be able to directly publish the content but send it first to review. Via notifications, you will be informed about the status of the review and when your content piece will become visible in the system.

After you have created an element, you can always change the information around it. See here how to edit an element. To see all existing elements and/or perform specific actions on them, go to the Explorer.

Add content from Crunchbase or Traxcn Integration

If licensed by your organization, the ITONICS system provides native integrations to company databases, such as Crunchbase and Traxcn. In this case, you will not need to fill all information fields on your own but you can source the respective information from these content providers. 

In this case, hover over the "+create" button and find the content intake option for which the connection has been enabled. Usually, the displayed option refers to a name, such as company, organization, start-up, or partner. Click on the respective option and you will see a pop-up appearing which will ask you to either query the connected company databases or to start your content intake from scratch. 

If you decide to query, for instance, the Crunchbase database, select the field and click on create. Now, you will be asked to enter the name of the organization you want to add to your application. As a result, you will get suggestions that match your query. Select the best-fitting option by clicking on it.

Now, the 'create content mask' opens again. This time, it will be pre-filled with information as configured by your Application Owner. Click on 'save and publish' and the company will be added to your application.

Copy element

It might be that you want to create content that is similar to content that is already existing in the application. To create new content as a copy of an existing content element, open the source's detail page. If permitted by your Application Owner, you will find the copy icon on the right side in line with the tab(s).


Clicking on the Copy icon triggers a popup that double-checks if you really want to copy the Element.


When sure, click on Copy and you will be redirected to the create-form of the element with all the copied fields filled in. You will be able to add or edit any information and save it afterward.

Please note: only the fields that are active fields in the main or sidebar in the Edit Form of the source element will be copied to the new created element. Any other information that have been added from buttons/via workflow, will not be copied to the new element.

Create content elements based on other related elements

If you already have identified similar content in your application and you want to create a content element that comprises such content elements, you can create a new content element based on those.  by selecting such content elements in the Explorer

Select the referring content elements in the Explorer. After the selection, a new menu bar opens from which you will find the option to "create element with relations". Click on it and select the right content category.


After clicking the button, the create form will open and you can start filling out the necessary fields. The other selected content elements will be automatically added as related content elements. You will find those in the 'relations tab'.

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