Install and use the Web Clipper

What is it? 

The ITONICS Web Clipper is a browser extension that enables you to clip content from the web directly to your ITONICS platform. 

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How does it work?

Install the Web Clipper

You can use the Web Clipper on various browsers: 

Google Chrome

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store and search for ITONICS or follow the link to find the ITONICS Web Clipper browser plugin.
  2. Click Add to Chrome to add the extension to your Google Chrome browser.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Search the Firefox Add-ons for "ITONICS Web Clipper" or follow the link to get to the ITONICS Web Clipper.
  2. Click + Add to Firefox to add the extension to your Mozilla Firefox browser.

Microsoft Edge

  1. Search in your Edge browser for the 'Google Chrome Web Store'. Within the Chrome Web Store Search option, search for "ITONICS" or follow the link to get to the ITONICS Web Clipper.
  2. Allow the installation of extensions from other sources to continue with the installation.


  3. Once allowed, you will find the "Add"-Button. By clicking it, it will be added to the extensions of your Edge browser.

Setup the Web Clipper

After adding the browser extension, you will find it in your browser extension list next to your browser's search bar. Click on the extension / radar icon to open it.
Please note that you cannot open the Web Clipper on an empty tab.

To complete the setup of the Webclipper, enter the domain name of your company for the ITONICS application (in this example and click Save & log in.


Enter the same user credentials as you would use to enter the ITONICS application, i.e., your username (in this example, firstname.lastname) and password. Click Login.


Using the Web Clipper

Imagine you are browsing the web, and you find an interesting article that you want to share with the other users of your ITONICS application. While visiting the web page, click on the browser add-on symbol for the ITONICS Web Clipper to open it [1].

Note: It is not possible to copy content from an URL that represents a PDF file. In this case, you have to use the "Create" function for the desired entity within your application.

You will recognize that the Web Clipper automatically fills the Title, Thumbnail, and Abstract with the text it identifies on the webpage [2].


You can now modify the clipping by assigning this piece of content to another content category [3]. This is not selectable if only one element type has been configured to be used with the Web Clipper.

You can also change the image by clicking the arrow button that appears when you hover over the image [4].

Note: Only the selected picture will be saved on the platform. If no image is selected, the default ITONICS image will appear in the system. You can also remove the thumbnail by clicking on the trash icon. This will remove all pictures from the selection. Please also note that the Webclipper can only clip images in the format .jpg or .png (find more information here).
Please also note that if content is generated by the Web Clipper, default values from an entity are not being added automatically.

You can also clip other text from the article by selecting the text inside the web page with opened web clipper [5]. A plus icon appears which lets you easily copy text into the Description field of the Web Clipper. [6]. It should be noted that the Description field may be named differently in your system if you have made changes to it.


If activated, you can also add tags and relations to other content elements that already exist in your platform. Start typing into the tag and relation field, and the Web Clipper will automatically search the system for suggestions. If you want to add a tag or relation, click on it so that they are being added. [7]

type to suggest.png

After you are fine with the content, click Save to create the element in the ITONICS Innovation Platform. You will see an information message that the content element has been created. Click on it, and you will be directed to the element in your application. Here, you can enrich further the content element.

Note: In the title field, you can only include texts with a maximum of 128 characters. In the other text fields, the formatting will not be taken over from the original source.

Other things to note

Once logged in, you can go to your application directly from the Web Clipper's settings menu under the menu item Home. Click About to find a short description and contact link. Go to the settings menu to log out.

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