Install and use the Inspirator App

What is it? 

The ITONICS Inspirator is a mobile app that allows you to enter interesting content into your ITONICS application on the go. You can use the app at exhibitions, conferences, meetings, or wherever you are to capture spontaneous ideas or inspiring observations.

The app is an entirely complimentary add-on to the ITONICS Enterprise platform and can be customized according to your current system's style. 

How does it work?


1. First, download and install the app from Google's Play Store for Android or Apple's App Store for your iOS device.

2. Open the app.

3. Enter the domain-URL of your system (i.e., https://'SYSTEMNAME'

If you are unsure about the name, check the email you have received previously with the login data.

4. Enter username and password and click Login. Make sure you use the correct login credentials if you are not able to log in.

The Application Owner determines whether login is possible via the federated login or via the normal login window:

    • normal login: your system username and password.
    • federated login: own login data most likely provided to you by your IT Department (e.g. your operating system login credentials).


After your successful login, you will land in the Inspirator App Explorer, showing a feed of the most recent content that has been added to your application. You can open up details about a specific content element by tapping on it.

Note: Only one content category is displayed in the Inspirator App.


On the top left, you can find the menu, where you can quickly access your elements and the settings of the app and log out. In the settings, you can determine how the app should be synchronized and how your image, video and language settings should be.

On the top right, you can find a filter menu, where you can filter down your element feed.


Depending on your configuration, you can 2 or 3 menu items in the bottom menu. On the left, you can find the main feed. In the middle, you can open up the create page and on the right, you can find the campaign feed.

In the create form all configured fields can be filled in. Please inform the respective CISM for which fields should be included.You can also include attachments, however, please note that adding more than 10 images here might negatively influence the performance.


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