Campaigns - Page Overview

Details Tab

When opening a Campaign in ITONICS, your first view is the Details tab of the Campaign. This page shows all relevant information, similar to the other Element detail pages

Additionally, the Campaign Details page show several Campaign Submission specific components such as:

  • The SUBMIT button that redirects the user directly to the Create form for a Submission. (1)
  • The Campaign specific tabs and features, e.g. Campaign Management tab, or the Campaign Dashboard. (2)

The Campaign specific fields, e.g. Campaign Type, or Campaign Manager. (3)


Participants Tab

This tab lists all users that have been invited and can participate in the Campaign.

You can see the number of Current Users (1) and switch the View between Grid View and Table View. (2)

The user tiles show information about the users, e.g. the user roles, the name, mail address, or Business Unit. (3)

By clicking on the name of a user, you get redirected to the users’ profile, in a new browser tab.


Submissions Tab

On the Submission Tab you can browse all Submissions that you are allowed to view. Additionally, you can Change the Layout of the Submission Tab, Filter down the list of Submissions based on certain criteria, and Export Elements to Excel.

You can filter down the list of Submissions by clicking on the Filter button. You can apply General but also Submission specific filters, Rating filters and apply a Search (1).

Click on the View to change the Layout of the Submission Tab. You can change the layout between Grid view and Table view. (2).

To export the Submissions to Excel (3), use the Select button and select the value All. Alternative you can also, you can also mark certain Elements using your mouse and export by using the Export button.

Click on the Sort button to apply a different sorting to the Submissions. (4)

Note: The export will start automatically.


Campaign Management Tab

The Campaign Management Tab is the command center of your Campaign. In this tab, you can filter Submissions, move Submissions to the next phase(s), assign Evaluators, and bulk rate assigned Submissions. 

The tab is accessible to Application Owners, the respective Campaign Managers, and assigned Evaluators. 

Assigned Evaluators only have limited permissions within the Campaign Management tab. They can only see some relevant filters, can only see assigned submissions, and can not drag-and-drop Submissions between the swim lanes.

Matrix Tab

Matrix enables users to analyze, track, monitor, and evaluate the Submissions of the Campaign in an agile way. 

You can adjust the Settings of the Matrix and modify the X-Axis, Y-Axis, Color, and Size (1). By clicking on the Filter button, you can narrow down the list of Elements (2). By clicking on the Reset button, the view of the Matrix will be resetted to the default view. Click Fullscreen to view the Matrix in full size. (3)

n, the view of the Matrix will be resetted to the default view. Click Fullscreen to view the Matrix in full size. (3)


Dashboard Tab

With the Campaign specific Dashboard, you can keep track of all relevant KPIs of your Campaign. 

Available information of the Dashboard:

  • General Statistics graph shows the following information on a time graph:
    • Number of Submissions
    • Campaign views
    • Number of Comments
  • Activity rate graph shows the following information on a time graph: 
    • Participation Rate
    • Submission Activity
    • Comment Activity
  • Information about:
    • Total number of Participants
    • Total number of Submissions
    • Total number of Comments on all Submissions
    • Total number of Active Users
    • Total number of Campaign views
    • Total number of Submissions per Participant
    • Participation rate
    • Number of users who have submitted a Submission
  •  List of Top Contributors
  • List of Most viewed Submissions
  • List of Most discussed Submissions
  • Top 3 Submissions
  • Overview of the assigned evaluators and the status of the evaluation tasks


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