Updating your user profile information and settings

What is it? 

Within the application, every user has her/his own account. The account information is presented on the user profile page. 


This user profile page helps other users to learn more about you, know how to get in contact, and what your interests are. Typically, it contains personal information about the user such as username, e-mail address, role, job title, and the user profile picture, as well as content elements that were created, followed, or shared with the user. However, it can be adjusted by the Application Owner.

How to update my user profile?

To update your user account information, look into the top right corner of the application and hover over the profile picture icon. By clicking on my profile, you can view your profile and how it appears to others. 

By clicking on my settings, you will be directed to the page where you can update every piece of information around your user account. 


On the following screen, you will find three tabs:

  1. Account Settings: Here, you change your username, password, or e-mail address

  2. Personal Data: Here, you can fill or change all your account attributes as defined by your Application Owner, e.g., adding a user account image and banner, first and last name, company name, job title, region, and interests. The interest fields can be used to identify you as a subject-matter expert by matching your interests with tags used on content elements. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk. Here, you also update your language preference for the system interface if this is allowed by your Application Owner.

  3. Notifications: Here, you can check/uncheck for what actions in the system you want to receive notifications. The available notification options are defined by your Application owner. In-system notifications can be found under the bell icon in the top menu. If you receive an email notification, you can also opt out of the notifications directly in the e-mail. Click on the customize your notifications at the email footer or deactivate all notifications at once. You can turn them back on at any time from the user profile/notifications tab.


Be notified about new content potentially of interest to me

Within your user profile, you may add tags to the Interest field to list topics that you are potentially interested in. 

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.33.59.png

Now, this option may be combined with the notification New element suggestion based on your interest (if enabled within the system). If subscribed, you will be notified about both any newly created element sharing a tag that you have listed in your user profile as an interest, and any edited element which has been added a matching tag through the element update.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 10.36.23.png

Note: this does not apply to element import or any elements added via Rest API.

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