User profile configuration

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

What is it? 

The user profile configuration allows you to define which personal information a user is asked to enter. The configuration thus defines the look of the User Profile. Before inviting new users, you should make sure that the requested user profile information matches your interests, and context. 

How does it work?

Go to the settings wheel and navigate to the Settings Wheel > User Configuration and select User Configuration.

The first thing is the User Field Manager interface. Via the interface, you can add, edit, or delete the attributes that users are asked to fill in.

ScreenshotThe table shows all fields that are configured by default for the user profile. The following field types are required:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Business Unit
  • Banner Image
  • Profile Image
  • About
  • Interest

These fields cannot be deleted, but you can edit them. You can always add more fields to the user profile.

Defining user contexts

With the release of version 3.11., you can define multiple user contexts which will be used in a comparison of ratings between individuals coming from different contexts. To define a context field, you need to set this in the User Field Manager by clicking on editing or adding a new field with the field type List Field. Choose dropdown or searchable dropdown as field type renderer and activate the Context field. Save the user context field. You will find more information on this feature under Configuring rating criteria.

context_rating_1 (1).png

Profile View Configuration

You can also adjust the order of fields and how a user profile is displayed to other users via the View Configuration.


Profile Form Configuration

After you have created all user profile fields, you can now configure how they appear for users when editing their profiles. This is configurable via the Form Configuration where you can use drag and drop to arrange the fields. Fields in the right window are still present in the system, but are not displayed in the Create form.


Profile Display Name Configuration

In large organizations, there can be several users with the same name. This makes it difficult to differentiate them quickly on the system, specifically when searching for users. To solve this, ITONICS offers a Display Name Configuration where you can differentiate the users based on User Attributes like Organizational Unit, Region, etc.


  • The tokens for First Name and Last Name are the default in the field Display Name.
  • Further available tokens are listed below the field Display Name.
    • Keep in mind that tokens are only available for the following field types: 
      • List fields (single-select) 
      • Single-line Input Fields (text, email, number) 
  • Copy and paste the required token(s) in the Display Name field.
  • Be aware of the following conventions: 
    • Put the tokens in brackets  [ ] 
    • Put a space between the tokens
  • Save your configuration.

The display name will only appear when you search for users, such as in User Search Fields or when you comment and name a user in such a comment. That means that it is not displayed in the view mode where users are added in User Search Fields.


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