How to navigate element detail pages

Each element has its own detail page where you can learn more, check its ratings, and perform specific actions.

To view an element detail page, go to the Explore section on the main menu. Depending on your needs, select either All Elements or a particular category your element is assigned to. When the elements list appears, choose the one you want to view and click on the icon next to the name to open it in the new tab.


Navigating element detail pages


  • The unique ID of the Element (1)
  • Any possible actions associated with the element (share, like, share permission, follow, archive, export, etc.) are available in the menu on the element detail’s page in the top right corner. (2)
  • Below the Abstract section, you can find the basic information about this element like the date of creation, last changes, the total number of visits, and documents. (3)
  • In the Details sub-menu, you can read and explore more about this particular element. (4)
    • Switch to Rating Analysis tab to see rating comparisons and history. 
    • Go to the Signals tab to see more articles on the topic.
  • To see recent changes in the element, click the timeline icon. (5)
  • You can find detailed information about this element in the content section, including the description, attachments, references, and comments. (6)
  • Further attributes such as ratings, segments, or tags are displayed in the right side's meta-information section. (7)
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