Configure the home page

What is it? 

New users might not know in detail how to use the system. They need guidance. 

The first screen after their login will be the home page. Via the home/landing page configuration, you can help your users find their way around. 

The application comes with a standard homepage design that reflects the latest content per entity. 

You can either define the display of the standard homepage or you can build your own custom homepage with HTML-code. 


How does it work?

(1.1) Manage the visible entities of the standard homepage

Via the settings wheel in the top right corner (Settings > System Administration > Landing Page > Landing Page Entity), you can activate and deactivate which entities are displayed on the landing page.


(1.2) Arrange the Landing page order of the standard homepage

Go to the settings wheel in the top right corner (Settings > System Administration > Landing Page > Landing Page Order) and arrange the order of different entities on the landing page by dragging them up or down.


(1.3) Configure the entity view type of the standard homepage

Entities can be displayed in various view types:

  • Cards
  • Banner
  • Big tiles

There are two ways to configure the view type of an entity on the landing page. 

  1. Go to Settings > System Administration > Landing Page > Landing Page Order, click on the edit icon of an entity and choose an option in the dropdown.
  2. Go to Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration, click on the edit button of an entity, scroll down to landing page view type and select an available option.

(1.4) Add banners to the landing page of the standard homepage

Banners are an easy way to make future events or branding visible to users. You can add and manage banners with banner management.

(2) Use the custom landing page and widget configuration

ITONICS provides the ultimate possibility to create the landing page layout from scratch with the help of the custom widget. Check out the article on how to use the landing page HTML widget template and work with the widget configuration

We also have a collection of customer examples. Check out the article on how to help users navigate the platform from their first second.

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