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Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

With ITONICS you can configure your rating criteria to adjust them to your needs. Learn how to define the rating criteria first or start the configuration right away.

Enable ratings for an entity

To enable ratings in an entity, Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration, click on the edit icon and activate the rating module.


Configure ratings

To configure your rating, go to Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration. Then choose an entity and click on the Rating Configuration icon.


The Rating Configuration page for the particular entity type will open in the same tab. 


Here you can perform different actions:

  • Add a new rating by clicking the Add Rating button
  • Edit or delete particular rating criteria by clicking on the Pen or Trashcan icon
  • Change the order of rating criteria displayed on the rating section of an element by dragging it up or downward

Add a new rating criteria

Suppose you have specific rating criteria in mind that you want to use to evaluate your trends, companies, technologies, or any other type of entity. In this case, you can add it by clicking the Add Rating button. You will see a new form with the Rating info and Range info tabs.


In the Rating Info tab, you can specify:

  • Whether the rating criteria Is Inverse (this can apply, for example, to the Time to Market criteria where you may need to show the smallest value as the biggest in visualizations like Radar, but in the actual rating bar, you still see it in the right order).
  • The Average Type of how the results are being measured. Choose between: Mean, Median, and Mode. We suggest using the Mean measure as the most suitable in many cases.
  • Slider label.
  • Tooltip (when someone hovers over this rating criteria, a text box will display information relating to the rating).

When ready, click the Range Info tab to define more details:

  • Number of ranges - choose between two to six ranges.
  • For each selected range, define a name, color, and shape.Color.pngShape.png

When deciding on colors for selected ranges, think of what type of action they would represent for that particular rating criteria. For example, the "very high" range in the "Strategic Fit" criteria can be marked in green color suggesting a considerable opportunity. The same "very high" range in the "Need for Action" criteria can be marked in red, showing the urgency for action.

Remember to fill all the obligatory fields (*). When ready, click the Save button to add the new rating.

Edit or delete existing rating criteria

If you want to apply changes to existing rating criteria, click on the edit icon on the rating configuration page. Click on the delete icon if you want to delete rating criteria permantly.

Change the order of the rating criteria

After you have added rating criteria to an entity, you can change the order of the displayed rating criteria by dragging & dropping down- or upwards.

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