Board: Configure the default view

What is it? 

The ITONICS Board visually represents an information landscape that follows a particular process flow. By using columns the process flow can be represented from the start point over different stages to a final stage. On top, financial KPIs can be aggregated, coming from each content element listed on the board.

board view.png

Please note: This feature needs to be activated by ITONICS. Please contact your Customer Innovation Success Manager for further assistance.

How does it work?

While your users will later have the option to customize the board to their needs, you need to provide them with a default configuration. Boards can be built on top of each entity. This also means that content displayed on the board will be always of the same entity type. 

To enable the Board Module in a certain entity, Go to the Settings Wheel > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration. In the entity manager choose an entity and click on the Edit-Icon.


Click on the Kanban Board Card to activate the Kanban Board Module for this entity and Click on Save.


After you enabled the Kanban Board for the specific entity, you can now start with the Board configuration. To configure the Kanban Board for a certain entity, choose an entity and click on the Kanban Board icon.


From the Kanban Board Configuration you can make changes to configure your default Board view:

  • Set the Kanban Board label to configure how it is represented in the menu. (1)
  • Set the default criteria for X-Axis as well for the Y-Axis of your Kanban Board. In order to do this, you have to create a new field within the entity via the field configuration/select an existing field of the type List Field > Dropdown > Is Rating Criteria? Yes (2)
  • Define the color criteria of your Kanban Board. The available criteria can be a dropdown field indicated as rating criteria or rating criteria that have been configured via the rating configuration (3)

    If you want to display dropdown fields, navigate first to the respective dropdown field in the field manager and check the box "Rating Criteria?" then. Afterward, you can also select such a dropdown field for the color and axis indication in the board configuration tab. (3)

    rating criteria.png

  • Enable Rating criteria as filter options for the Kanban Board. The available criteria are based on the entity specific rating configuration. (4)
  • Enable the aggregation of KPI’s you capture in the Element and set default criteria. (5)


Make sure to check the view permissions for the radar setup within the entity-specific permission scheme.

You can access your new board from the main navigation menu by hovering over the board section.

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