Release Notes 3.11.0 - Nerdy Nectarine

Important Notes

  • Features marked with a star (*) have to be activated by ITONICS. For more information, please contact your Account- or Customer Success Manager.
  • Please make sure to clear your browser cache once the update was processed, in order to avoid cache conflicts. 

Take a look at the product update article to see the release highlights at a glance.



  • NUC-3400 - Improved the way that submissions are shown on the campaign matrix by now visualizing the submissions based on the real decimal values, instead of rounded values.
  • NUC-9370 - Added a new evaluators overview to the campaign dashboard to enable tracking the progress of rating tasks of assigned evaluators for submissions within a campaign, and you enable to ping evaluators with pending rating tasks.


  • NUC-10457 - Implemented a feature that allows bulk-phase changes in always on Campaigns.



  • NUC-10738 -Implemented a feature that allows you to show more elements (previously only 10) in the Top elements list on the system statistics Dashboard.
  • NUC-10739 - Added a new Activity KPI Visits of all elements to the System Statistics dashboard. Now, you can see and filter for the number of element visits.

Detail Page

Entity Configuration

  • NUC-10572 - Removed unnecessary/non-working rating calculation types (median and mode). Mean is the standard rating calculation type.


  • NUC-10116 - Added a new user role filter to the leaderboard.


  • NUC-10988 - The in-app gamification notifications triggered by the user are now shown in real-time.

Import / Export

  • NUC-10504 - Improved the rating import by implementing a check during the import to verify whether a mentioned user is in the system or not.
  • NUC-10511 - Improved the design of the PDF export.
  • NUC-11328 - Added a new logic to enable importing for multi-select multi-user context.

Landing Page


  • NUC-10920 - Reduced the distance between labels and elements for better readability and reporting capabilities.


  • NUC-10782 - Improved the look and feel, as well as information displayed on email notifications.


  • NUC-9425 - Added a pop-up warning message to the visibility tab to prohibit users from mistakenly inviting all active users.


  • NUC-10811 - Improved the Send to review feature by cleaning up the corresponding permissions.
  • NUC-11188 - Improved the visibility tab by providing an option to automatically populate the fields with default values based on the assigned role or context.

System Logs

  • NUC-10815 - Added system logs available for the Application Owner role for internal verification purposes.


Tag Cloud

  • NUC-8065 - Improved the loading time of the Tag Cloud.



  • NUC-10524 - Improved how deleted elements records are displayed on the timeline.

User Management

  • NUC-3585 - Added a feature to add multiple business context through the user configuration.
  • NUC-8186 - Improved the UI of the current user item in the user search list for the purpose of readability.
  • NUC-9953 - Removed Service Account from the user list.
  • NUC-10155 - The permission View Explorer will be provided to all user roles by default.
  • NUC-10783 - Improved the user search by enabling the usage of quotation marks to narrow down search results.


  • NUC-11340 - Added a new option to anonymize user information for element creation and updates.


  • NUC-10512 - Improved the UI of the PDF export.
  • NUC-10513 - Improved the page rendering of the PDF export.
  • NUC-10902 - Improved the UI of the visibility tab by adding a searchable dropdown to the user search field that enables you to search a specific category.



  • NUC-8101 - Improved the data mapping from Crunchbase to ITONICS to be more dynamic.



  • NUC-10488 - Added the last_edit_date attribute to the user.json endpoint for the REST API.

Network Graph

Network Graph

  • NUC-10269 - Improved the Network Graph by displaying related-to-elements, even if they have no relations.



  • NUC-7376 - Improved the design and usability of the Board in general and for specific scenarios.

Budget Planner

  • NUC-10491 - Added a new option to configure the currency attribute.


  • NUC-7235 - Implemented a feature that fills the current phase automatically when creating a new task.



  • NUC-10484 - Implemented a feature for workflow value dependencies that allows users to use Task Dependency as Button Dependency and decide whether the button should be hidden or greyed out when the condition is met.
  • NUC-10439 - Extended the workflow value dependency feature: Now all field renderers can be used (radio buttons, searchable dropdown fields, normal dropdown fields, pearl chains, pearl chains with check). Exception: Single checkbox fields.
  • NUC-6745 - Implemented an Active/Inactive feature on parent elements. This feature activates (/deactivates) the option to submit child elements.
  • NUC-9296 - Improved the validation functionality if Enrichment trigger is combined with other trigger types (e.g., Phase Change). Now, current changes can be saved before all mandatory fields are filled out.



  • NUC-10953 - Improved the synchronization of start- and end dates of existing elements if the synched Roadmap date feature has been enabled at a later point.
  • NUC-3586 - Improved the synchronized roadmap date field feature. Now, the synchronized roadmap dates are treated like all other fields and can be used in group fields, can be ex-/imported, and used in workflow, for example in combination with the value change trigger type.
  • NUC-5775 - Improved the design and usability of the quick view and quick filter features.
  • NUC-9001 - Improved the UX for Roadmap layers in combination with quick views.


Minor Releases

Under this section, small improvements and bug fixes of minor releases are listed.

3.11.1 (Released on 3rd of May 2023)


  • NUC-11826 - Fixed an issue where the visibility tab (assigned contexts, etc.) in elements created from Scout, Webclipper, and Inspirator App was not set automatically.
  • NUC-11892 - Fixed an issue where the average context filter did not work if a single language was enabled in the system.
  • NUC-11998 - Fixed an issue where the user search field in the visibility tab did not return results.


  • NUC-11074 - Fixed an issue where exporting elements from bulk actions as xlsx data was stuck in a processing screen.


  • NUC-11936 - Fixed an issue where the standard rating was not visible if the permission controlling the access to all contexts was enabled.
  • NUC-11950 - Fixed an issue where the rating comparison in the rating analysis tab was displayed incorrectly.


  • NUC-11880 - Fixed an issue with the synced roadmap data feature, where it was possible to set an earlier end date than the start date.


  • NUC-11901 - Fixed an issue where an error occurred if button Add task in the task tab of the element detail page was clicked.
  • NUC-11963 - Fixed an issue where an error occurred when using roadmap start and end dates in enrichments.
  • NUC-11965 - Fixed an issue where performing an action in combination with workflow triggers like Phase Change and Enrichment resulted in a disabled save button.

User Configuration

  • NUC-11839 - Fixed an issue where the token for the user’s organizational unit was missing from the user display name configuration.
  • NUC-11989 - Fixed an issue where it no context field was set in the user configuration.
  • NUC-12004 - Fixed an issue where the user was prompted multiple times to enter a value for a dropdown field even after saving the data.


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