Identify common patterns across tagged contents in the Tag Cloud

What is it?

You have the option to add keywords, i.e., tags, to any content element in the system. The tagging is not restricted to a list of options but can be added individually. They are, thus, different from a dropdown categorization with pre-defined values from which you can pick and choose. Tags allow the addition of a specific categorization. Ideally, this enables you to identify new patterns. 

All tags and their frequency are reflected in the Tag Cloud which you can find from the main navigation bar. The difference in the sizes of tags indicates that certain tags (appearing bigger) are used more often in the application than others (appearing smaller).

How does it work?

After navigating to the tag cloud, all tags used across all content elements (that you have access to) are displayed. If you want to further analyze which content sits behind the tags, you just need to click on a tag. Once clicked, the tag cloud adjusts to the tag selected and displays now all the tags that are used in combination with this tag. The tag moves into the center of the tag cloud and is put into an active filter.

Furthermore, you will find all the content elements on which the tag has been used under the tag cloud. From here, you can use the bulk actions or just dive into the details of a content element by clicking on its title or abstract.

You can also use the Search option or various Filters to specify the view of your Tag cloud.


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