Release Notes 3.14.0 - Radiant Raspberry

Important Notes

  • Features marked with a star (*) have to be activated by ITONICS. For more information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.
  • Please make sure to clear your browser cache once the update was processed, in order to avoid cache conflicts. 

Take a look at the product update article to see the release highlights at a glance.




Create/Edit Form

  • NUC-11997 - Improved the duplicate check for the title field when creating and editing elements. Now, the number of characters from which the duplicate check for the title field in the create and edit form shall start can be adjusted.*


  • NUC-2640 - Improved the dashboard by making pie charts and donut charts more consistent. Now, the actual absolute number is shown on the chart segments, while both the relative and absolute number are displayed on hovering. The same changes were introduced for the Element Overview, User Overview, and Element Status charts on the general System Statistics Dashboard.

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 11.42.11.png

  • NUC-5552 - Implemented a new functionality within the custom dashboard(s). Make use of and apply filters to the entire dashboard and its charts to deep-dive into the specifics of your data and provide more informative dashboard views for reporting purposes.

Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 12.47.33.png

Detail Page

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 17.42.20.png


  • NUC-11053 - Improved the table export and import. Now it is possible to choose whether to select table structure(s) with or without row- or column-wise KPI aggregation(s), which facilitate adjustment and re-upload of values to existing table structures.
  • NUC-12104 - Improved the Excel export to now always open the first worksheet within an exported file.


Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 10.33.35.png

Landing Page

  • NUC-5138 - Improved the process of creating a new widget. Now, a new page will open to add a new widget to facilitate the creation, instead of the previous popup modal.
  • NUC-10840 - Improved the widget configuration by enabling a user to add the content of a widget in all the configured system languages, while a widget will then be shown to a user based on the system language in the respective user profile.



  • NUC-12300 - Improved the performance of the user search.
  • NUC-12910 - Improved the understandability of the UI copy for the advanced search.


  • NUC-12288 - Minor design improvement of the meatball menu (three dots) in the main navigation bar.
  • NUC-12337 - Improved the design of the pop-up modal for bulk rating by adding a Back button.
  • NUC-12434 - Improved the consistency of the UI copy around removing Roadmap connections.

User Management

  • NUC-11015 - Improved the management of a user group through the addition of sorting capabilities.
  • NUC-12336 - Improved the user export by adding a user’s status information to the export file.
  • NUC-12479 - Introduced a new manual option for the user CSV file upload.


Signals Feed

  • NUC-11953 - If either the option to flag or save a Signal is disabled, the respective action button will now be shown directly on the Signal itself, otherwise options are still shown in the meatball menu.



  • NUC-11857 - Improved the validation responses for missing mandatory fields.

Network Graph

Network Graph

  • NUC-12176 - Improved the Network Graph by adding a quick action option to filter out all elements that do not have any relation.
  • NUC-12752 - Improved the Network Graph by enabling to increase the number of elements to be plotted in the visualization.*



Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 17.22.53.png


  • NUC-10921 - Improved the Matrix visualization. Following the implementation of draggable element labels to increase usability for reporting purposes, a corresponding line will now indicate the connection between the element dot and its label.
  • NUC-10922 - Improved the Matrix visualization and usability for reporting by making the labels draggable to allow the rearrangement of element labels in a scenario of very clustered element dots.
  • NUC-10923 - Improved the Matrix visualization. Along with the draggable element labels, now the burst list, indicating and listing a set of elements at the same position in the Matrix, is also draggable.
  • NUC-12485 - Improved the Matrix visualization by adding a board and drop shadow to the element dots. Now, if several elements are overlapping due to a similar position, it will be easier to visually distinguish the individual elements.

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 17.58.37.png



  • NUC-10843 - Improved adding, editing, and deleting Roadmap layers by implementing a validation check to prevent any Roadmap (sub-) layer and its element content from mistakenly being deleted.
  • NUC-12261 - Improved the design for element bars in the Roadmap if the title exceeds the bar.
  • NUC-12334 - Handled edge cases around removing elements from scenarios and while updating a Roadmap.
  • NUC-12577 - Improved the permission schema of the Roadmap. Now, if required, it is possible to bypass the Roadmap edit permissions controlled via the entity type visibility permissions via a new “Enable Full Roadmap Visibility” option.

Minor Releases

Under this section, small improvements and bug fixes of minor releases are listed.

3.14.1 (Released on 16th of October 2023)


  • NUC-12976 - Fixed an issue where the date label on cards showed an incorrect date and the color of the selected rating criteria were not reflected properly on the element cards. 

3.14.2 (Released on 30th of October 2023)


  • NUC-12974 - Fixed an issue in the Save Filter popup where the validation message was inconsistent.
  • NUC-12994 - Fixed an issue that led to the search results within the visibility tab not being displayed correctly.

Network Graph

  • NUC-12990 - Fixed an issue in the network graph that led to some relations not being shown correctly.

User Management

  • NUC-12982 - Fixed an issue in the user CSV sync that led to a missing user profile picture.

3.14.3 (Released on 2nd of November 2023)


  • NUC-12997 - Fixed an issue with always-on campaigns, where only phases that can be reordered in the workflow configuration were updated, while active phases were not, resulting in phases mistakenly disappearing.


  • NUC-13029 - Fixed an issue with existing saved filters, including the current user persona.


  • NUC-13017 - Fixed an issue where an edge case led to the element Status chart in the general Systems Statistics dashboard not being displayed.

3.14.4 (Released on 24th of November 2023)


  • NUC-12481 - Fixed an issue where the validation for date ranges in the API request did not match the date range available for date fields within the create/edit forms.
  • NUC-12964 - Fixed an issue where instead of 0 as an integer, null has been returned as a string within the API response.


  • NUC-11943 - Fixed an issue where the username search in the static campaign user search fields did not work properly.
  • NUC-12973 - Fixed a translation issue within the submission definition in the campaign configuration.
  • NUC-13080 - Fixed an issue that led to a wrong error message being shown in the case of reaching a certain limit of users being added to a Campaign Manager field.


  • NUC-12111 - Fixed an issue where enabling and disabling the gamification module caused an internal error.
  • NUC-12440 - Fixed an issue where an update of rating slider filters was not taken over correctly to the Active Filters section.
  • NUC-12729 - Fixed a minor translation issue of special characters in the entity configuration.
  • NUC-12999 - Fixed an issue where a user without a permission was mistakenly able to view an element in review via a directly shared URL link.
  • NUC-13002 - Fixed some minor translation issues within the Inspirator App.
  • NUC-13020 - Fixed an issue where context values were wrongly shown double within the static user search field of the visibility tab.
  • NUC-13021 - Fixed an issue with the automatic data synchronization, impacting their placement within the create/edit forms. 


  • NUC-13037 - Fixed an issue that occurred if not having configured any rating criteria in the case of context rating.

External Gateway

  • NUC-12986 - Fixed an issue where mistakenly Next page and Previous Page buttons were shown on the submission form, even though only one page was available.


  • NUC-12962 - Fixed an issue that led to the radar visualization not being plotted correctly within the Mozilla Firefox browser.


  • NUC-12319 - Fixed an issue that caused the navigation arrows in the Bulk rate popup to not work properly.
  • NUC-12779 - Fixed an issue where the No Rating value option for submission ratings did not align with other element ratings, where the user mistakenly could provide No Rating as a value without it being a configured rating value.
  • NUC-12870 - Fixed an issue within the plotting of the spider rating caused by the My Current Rating being provided wrongly.
  • NUC-12963 - Fixed an issue that led to rating values not being shown correctly when updated within the Rating Analysis tab.
  • NUC-12977 - Fixed an issue where it was possible to delta a group rating though used in a workflow or independent button.
  • NUC-12991 - Fixed an issue where having the Standard Rating the user who rated was not shown within the Manage Ratings popup.


  • NUC-13010 - Fixed an issue where a milestone type was not editable and couldn’t be saved due to a deleted entity type having been used.


  • NUC-12984 - Fixed an issue where the SSO configuration under System Administration was not shown correctly.
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