Working with the ITONICS Matrix

What is it?

The ITONICS Matrix enables users to analyze, track, monitor, and re-evaluate a distinct set of content for decisions. 


How does it work?

The matrix can be accessed from the main navigation menu. If your Application Owner has designed different matrices, they will appear in a sub-menu when you hover over the name Matrix in the menu.

The content elements visible on the matrix are published content and own drafts (i.e., no archived or draft elements created by other users are shown) and of one specific content category. To display only the content you liked, followed, shared or created you can use the filter settings under filter options and then My Filter.

Please note: For Application Owners, all drafts of any user are displayed in the visualization.

Your Application Owner has created a default view but you can easily adjust it to your needs. With its various functionalities, you can perform specific actions on your Matrix:

  • Navigate through the Matrix legend to adjust different perspectives, rating criteria, or categorizations that can be displayed on the matrix in different dimensions such as x- or y-axis, color, size or even shape. It is also possible to display number fields with positive and negative values, e.g. for budgets. (1)

    Note: The elements do not appear on the matrix until concrete values are assigned to the respective element for the selected dimensions of the matrix.

  • Expand the Filter to narrow down the elements displayed on the visualization. (2)
  • Modify the Matrix view to suit your preferences by choosing different options in the upper right-side menu. (3)


  • Show (Hide) legend on the Matrix's left side to see or adjust ratings based on which elements are presented on the Portfolio.
  • Show (Hide) burst elements to see elements that were placed in the same place on the Matrix due to the same ratings.
  • Show (Hide) quadrant to adjust the Matrix view during meetings, for example.
  • Show (Hide) labels to see the names of elements on the Matrix.
  • Show (Hide) unrated elements to see all unrated elements in the corner of the Matrix.
  • Show (Hide) N/A in legend to see how the elements without a specific rating are marked in the legend.
  • Switch to fullscreen view (press X to switch back to the previous view).

When a specific option is activated, its icon will have a pink color. When deactivated, it remains grey.

Besides, you have the option to move the element labels around on the Matrix view to create a more sufficient visualization for reporting purposes. Make use of this functionality in a case of very clustered element dots that result from similar provided rating values.

Screenshot 2023-09-27 at 17.58.37.png

Furthermore, the Explorer component below the matrix represents the content elements visible on the matrix. If you want to see the details of each content element displayed, click any dot on the matrix view, and the details view opens on the right side. 

Please note: A maximum of 120 elements can be displayed at the same time. If there are more elements, the display may be impaired. To avoid this and also to enable a meaningful display of the results, it is useful to reduce the number of displayed elements by using the filter options.

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