Release Notes 3.8.0 - Kind Kiwi

Important Notes

  • Features marked with a star (*) have to be activated by ITONICS. For more information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.
  • Please make sure to clear your browser cache once the update was processed, in order to avoid cache conflicts. 

Have a look at the product update article to see the release highlights at a glance.



  • NUC-7216 - Introduced a new View Campaign Dashboard permission. By default, only the Application Owners and the Campaign Managers have access to the Campaign-Specific-Dashboard.
  • NUC-9884 - Always-on Campaigns: The Evaluator filter is now only displayed for Application Owners and Campaign Managers. In the active evaluation phase, assigned evaluators can also see this field and search/filter for themselves.
  • NUC-9894 - The Bulk Rate feature for Evaluators has been improved. The Bulk Rate feature can also be accessed from the Campaign landing page, not just from the Campaign Management tab.




  • NUC-9759 - It is now possible to enter negative numbers in the single-line input fields.


  • NUC-5311 - The design and capabilities of the PDF export were improved. 3.8.0_PDF_Export.png
  • NUC-6908 - Enhanced the Excel export for Elements. Now the rating analysis section is wholly included within a new tab.



  • NUC-10016 - When a Task gets automatically added from the Task Backlog, the copy of the record in the Element-specific timeline has been improved
  • NUC-6891 - The time between two records on the Timeline will be shown now. You can, for example, filter for "Workflow" and check how many days an Element remained in certain phases. 3.8.0_timeline.png
  • NUC-4519 - Implemented quick filters to the Timeline. Now you can filter the Timeline easily by applying the filters you need.                            Quick_Filter_on_timeline.png
  • NUC-9065 - The individual timeline is now permission-sensitive. Users who do not have permission to see specific actions can no longer view these changes.



  • NUC-7603 - It is now possible to use numeric values on the Matrix visualization.

Open Innovation

External Gateway

  • NUC-6420 - Improved the External Gateway by introducing static fields for imported elements.
  • NUC-10021- Semi-automate communication for your External Gateway. The new External Submitter Persona can be used to send email notifications alongside your workflow via the action button. 





  • NUC-6754 - Entries in the dropdown fields of the Legend, for example on the Radar, are now grouped by different types, such as Rating or Rating Group.




  • NUC-7786 - Improved the feature to synchronize the start and end date of an Element across multiple Roadmaps.
  • NUC-5965 - Saved Roadmap view and filters are now stored in the URL.
  • NUC-7873 - Roadmap Quick Filters are now represented as shortened URLs.

User Management

User Management

  • NUC-7336 - Use OAuth2 as an authentication method for our REST API.
  • NUC-9526 - The bulk user export is now handled in batches to avoid time-outs.

Minor Releases

Under this section, small improvements and bug fixes of minor releases are listed.

3.8.1 (Released on 22nd of July 2022, updated on 28th of July 2022)


  • NUC-10148 Fixed an issue where updating the newsletter signature led to a UI issue.


  • NUC-10332 Fixed an issue that prevented the aggregated rating slider from being properly calculated.


  • NUC-10322 Fixed an issue where clicking on a value in the Element-specific timeline led to an error.
  • NUC-10213
    • Implemented a functionality to prevent sharing an object multiple times to the same user (prevention of email flooding).
    • Enforced a stronger password policy, by increasing the required length of passwords. 

3.8.2 (Released on 12th of August 2022)


  • NUC-10376 - Fixed an issue where the amount of Recommended Relations was inconsistent on the Element detail page.
  • NUC-10329 - Fixed an issue where the system's internal FAQ-Section was not accessible.


  • NUC-10330 - Fixed an issue where the legend in the Matrix was not scrollable. 


  • NUC-10091 - Fixed an issue where a wrong notification was triggered when deleting an Element.

User Management:

  • NUC-10174 - Fixed an issue where searching for a user did not show proper results. 


  • NUC-10398 - Fixed an issue where no references were transferred when the Element was created via the Convert Entity Action.

3.8.3 (Released on 30th of September 2022)


  • NUC-10412 - Fixed an issue about obsolete user roles that were shown in the user profiles.
  • NUC-7731 - Fixed an issue where some strings were not translatable in the permission configuration.
  • NUC-7930 - Fixed an issue where some strings were not translatable in the field configuration.
  • NUC-7948 - Fixed an issue where some strings were not translatable in the user configuration.
  • NUC-10376 - Fixed an issue where the information on the element timeline was not displayed correctly.

Kanban Board:

  • NUC-10562 - Fixed an issue where the archive functionality on the Kanban Board did not work.
  • NUC-10563 - Fixed an issue where the delete functionality on the Kanban Board did not work.


  • NUC-10700 Fixed an issue where colors on the Radar were not always shown.
  • NUC-10291 - Fixed an issue where the order of the radar labels did not reflect the underlying field order.


  • NUC-10720 - Fixed an issue where the roadmap export failed.


  • NUC-10413 - Fixed an issue where the size of the independent button pop-up was too small.

3.8.4 (Released on 13th of October 2022)


  • NUC -10728 - Fixed an issue, where blank references were imported during the Excel import


  • NUC-9482 - Fixed an issue, where it was not possible to use aggregated ratings in workflow configuration.
  • NUC-9050 - Fixed an issue, where the aggregated rating calculation was incorrect when inverted rating criteria were included.
  • NUC-10250 - Fixed an issue, where the formula to calculate the aggregated average was not correct.
  • NUC-10317 - Fixed an issue, where the not rated criteria (N/A) were treated as “0” and therefore impacted the rating average calculation.

3.8.5 (Released on 20th of October 2022)

This release solely focuses on making the ITONICS Innovation OS more stable and secure.

3.8.6 (Released on 25th of November 2022)


  • NUC-10992 - Fixed an issue where elements were not exported correctly.


  • NUC-11025 - Fixed an issue where the mapping in the date value change trigger was not correct.

3.8.7 (Released on 16th of December 2022)

This release solely focuses on making the ITONICS Innovation OS more stable and secure.

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