Submitting and evaluating ideas in a campaign

What is it?

As an invited participant in a specific campaign, you can have different jobs. You can be an idea submitter, co-author, or evaluator. No matter what your specific role is, your first point of contact with the challenge will be the landing page of a campaign. 


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How does it work?

Submit an idea

After accessing the detail page of the campaign, you will find the submit button under the campaign title and abstract if the campaign still allows submissions. Click on the submit button and fill in the form that has been provided by the campaign manager. Open the Relation tab to relate any necessary elements to contextualize your idea. This helps evaluators to better understand and sense the context and intention of your idea. Click either Save as Draft (in case you want to fine-tune your Idea first) or Submit your Idea straight away.Screenshot_2021-06-22_at_15.54.16.png

Invite (co-)authors

If you want to build a team for your idea/Submission, you can invite other users to join as Authors. 

The Authors can get View and/or Edit permission for your Idea. By default, these users will not get any permissions, but this can be changed by the Campaign Managers for each Campaign. You simply need to add them to the user search field, authors.

Note: Only users invited to the Campaign can be added as Authors.

However, the Creator of the Element must be allowed to View and/or Edit the Element in the current workflow phase. The Authors will never have more permissions than the Creator of the Idea.

Rate single ideas

If your campaign manager has given you permission (assigned you an evaluator role) to rate a submission at any stage of the campaign funnel, you can enter your evaluation directly on the submissions. Go to the campaign management tab and navigate to the detail page of the respective submission by clicking the 'three dots' and 'open'. 

You will be redirected to the submission page where you can check all the details. To the right, you will find the option to rate. If the Campaign Manager allows a 5-star rating, you can add your evaluation by clicking on the star that best reflects your judgment. Note that you will see the average rating and the count of all users having provided a 5-star rating for the respective submission.

If your Campaign Manager has configured more specific rating criteria, you will find those via the 'Rate now' button. Clicking on it will open the rating menu where you can use the slider to indicate your judgment per criterion.


Please note that for the evaluator to be displayed for an idea in a phase there has to be a rating criteria assigned to the phase.

Bulk rate ideas

To use the bulk rate option, your campaign manager must have assigned you as an evaluator in a campaign. You should have received a notification in this case. To perform a rating, you have now two options: 

  1. Bulk rate from the Campaign Management Tab 
  2. Bulk rate from the Campaign Detail Page

For the first option, navigate to the Campaign and open the Campaign Management tab. (1)


On each Board column, you find a Bulk Rate icon (2). The columns represent the campaign phases. The quick filters will help you to filter for your Not rated by me and already Rated by me Elements per phase (3). Please note you only see the icon if you are assigned as an evaluator in that phase.


For the second option, navigate to the Campaign Details Page tab. (1) In the sidebar, you find action buttons that give you access to your Rate all Elements and Rated only unrated Elements per phase (2). Please note you only see the icon if you are assigned as an evaluator in that phase.


Note: The bulk rating feature is available for campaigns of both types, time-bound and always-on.

After clicking on the Bulk Rate icon, a popup window opens.


  • On the left-hand side of the window, the different rating criteria are visible. Use the different bars to set your rating. Note: You can also leave a comment for each rating criterion (1).
  • On the right-hand side of the window, you see the Title, Image, and Abstract of the Element you are about to rate. (2)
  • There is an icon to open that Element in a new Browser tab. (3)
  • You can always click on the Discard button to cancel the rating. (4)
  • There is a rating progress indication at the bottom of the page. The number shows you how many Elements you already have rated and how many you have to rate in total. (5)
  • There is a Save and Next button at the bottom of the window. Click the button to save the rating and move to the next Element. (6)
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