Matrix: Configure the default view

What is it?

The ITONICS Matrix enables users to analyze, track, monitor, and re-evaluate a distinct set of content for decisions. 


Note: Please note that the availability of a module depends on your license. Please talk to your account manager to clarify any questions.

How does it work?

While your users will later have the option to customize the matrix to their needs, you need to provide them with a default configuration. A matrix can be built on top of each entity. This also means that the content displayed on the matrix will be always of the same entity type. 

In order to set up your first Matrix for a particular entity, go to the Settings Wheel > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration. Select the type of entity you want to create your matrix for, and click the Pen icon to go to the edit section.


On the edit page of an element, scroll down to the Enabled Modules/Features for this Entity section. Enable the matrix for this entity type by selecting the checkbox. When ready, scroll down and click the Save button.


Next, go to the Matrix Configuration tab and start configuring it.


  • Define the Matrix Label (for example, Company Matrix).
  • Decide on a default rating criteria for the x and y-axis. You can use rating criteria as defined from the Rating Configuration or list fields/dropdowns which are indicated as being rating criteria.

    To visualize the elements of the entities on the Matrix, the rating criteria must be defined, activated and assigned beforehand. This can be criteria like market potential or complexity or whatever you need. The attributes associated with the criteria, such as high, medium, and low, can be created as a dropdown field on the corresponding entity using the Field Configuration.
    If you want to use attributes from the dropdown fields you created for visualization, you need to select the checkbox "Rating Criteria?" in the respective Field Configuration.

    rating criteria.png

    Afterward, you can also select such a dropdown field for the size, color, distance, or shape indication in the radar configuration tab.

You can also decide which actions will be shown by default on your Matrix page by selecting the checkbox next to each of them.


When ready, click the Save button

Make sure to check the view permissions within the entity-specific permission scheme.

You can access your new Matrix from the main navigation menu by hovering over the Matrix section. You can see the content placed on the Matrix according to the visualization criteria you defined previously.


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