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Important Notes

  • Features marked with a star (*) have to be activated by ITONICS. For more information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.
  • Please make sure to clear your browser cache once the 3.5.0 update was processed, in order to avoid cache conflicts. 


Elements Detail Page

  • NUC-6385 Added a New label to recently created comments


  • NUC-6320 Implemented an image scraping feature for links in comments and rich text fields


  • NUC-6234 Added an automatic generated ID to all elements
  • NUC-4903 Implemented a function to scrape images from a direct URL
  • NUC-7402 Extended the allowed file types for the Reference section
  • NUC-6962 The date format be can configured for different regions
  • NUC-738 Added feature to recommend elements for relations based on common tags


  • NUC-4820 Improved the Timeline feature on the element detail page
  • NUC-1865 Added feature to recommend (internal) experts based on common tags


  • NUC-4476 Added recommended experts feature on the element detail page
  • NUC-6386 Added an "Activity" tab to the data excel export
  • NUC-6518 Added a feature that displays a user profile widget when hovering over a username
  • NUC-4224 Implemented a feature to save Signals as elements directly from the Signals Feed*


  • NUC-1630 Added the number of selected elements to the Explorer


  • NUC-1362 Added the tooltips to the fields shown in the filter section
  • NUC-444 Added an option to filter for elements that haven't set any particular value
  • NUC-2093 Added a "Back to top" button

Entity Configuration

  • NUC-7991 Added functionality to reuse the Business Unit (Context) field on all entities
  • NUC-6703 Added the Rating Analysis tab to the View configuration of the Entity Configuration
  • NUC-5672 Added the Task tab to the View configuration of the Entity Configuration
  • NUC-5054 Added a function to add multiple links to the field type Single Line Input Field with validator "URL"
  • NUC-4394 Added a new field type "Element Search Field"


  • NUC-4773 Changed the icon of the Knowledge Base in the top navigation bar


  • NUC-7136 Renamed "Client_Name Knowledge Base" to FAQ



  • NUC-5817 Implemented gamification features including points, badges, rule configurator
  • NUC-6308 It's possible to add new or adjust existing badges from the Badge Config UI
  • NUC-5818 The color, icon, title and condition of the badge can be configured from the Badge Config UI 
  • NUC-6350 A toast notification is shown up at the bottom left side of the UI whenever the user  earns any activity points


  • NUC-6304 When the user collects the needed amount of activity points and unlocks a new badge the popup with this info will show up


  • NUC-5813 Implemented a leaderboard for the gamification module
  • NUC-5812 Added a new tab "Activity", including a Badge Collection to the user profile


  • NUC-5811 Badge & Leaderboard were added
  • NUC-7040 Added activity-based badge condition to badge creation


  • NUC-7202 Added email tokens related to workflow configuration
  • NUC-6096 Introduced Newsletter Sections and redesigned the Layout of the Newsletter
  • NUC-5760 You can now export the Newsletter as a PDF
  • NUC-2483 The Interface for creating a Newsletter has been completely redesigned



  • NUC-4985 Implemented email template categorizations*
  • NUC-5298 Added categorizations to the email templates
  • NUC-6694 Added Opt-Out to the email notifications
  • NUC-6377 Redesigned the default email notification layout
  • NUC-6491 Implemented a notification feature to the visibility tab
  • NUC-6360 Added permission to control who can download Newsletters to PDF
  • NUC-6952 Improved the process of creating and adding email templates
  • NUC-5294 Added a notification for "User added to a User Search Field" to the notification center


  • NUC-6949 Average rating of child elements is displayed on parent element
  • NUC-2094 Implemented a feature to aggregate multiple rating criteria
  • NUC-4649 Implemented a feature to configure groups for ratings
  • NUC-968 Added a function to format number fields according to the logged-in user's personal language settings
  • NUC-4776 Added rating groups to the Rating Analysis Tab
  • NUC-4637 Added a permission to control who can "view" the average rating on the detail pages side bar of an element
  • NUC-7320 Added the Business Unit field to the Excel Rating Export

UI/UX Improvements

  • NUC-3396 Implemented a bulk action "Show relations" for the Explorer


  • NUC-6249 Design improvements for the Relations Tab


  • NUC-1356 Design improvements for the Relations Popups
  • NUC-6620 Improved the user experience of the Share Permission feature
  • NUC-6248 Renamed to Nodegraph/Innovation Graph to Network Graph throughout the system
  • NUC-5970 Added a visual "already rated" indicator to the element cards
  • NUC-5895 If a workflow button is dependent on another, it is no longer hidden, but grayed out instead
  • NUC-7207 Reordered action icons for recommended tags
    NUC-6663 Improved the readability and design if a rating is set to the "lowest rating"
  • NUC-5798 Implemented a reference link preview for the Task preview sidebar
  • NUC-4534 Implemented a complete rework of the Reference section


  • NUC-3951 Added a placeholder image if there are no users added in the Team tab of an element
  • NUC-7912 Colors of connection indicator and roadmap element are matching now
  • NUC-7344 Improved the look and feel of the Roadmap Tab mceclip0.png
  • NUC-7234 Improved the look and feel of the Mileston-Connection Tab
  • NUC-4668 Improved the look and feel of the hierarchy fields the preview side bar


User Management

  • NUC-6573 Added an option to directly edit the user profile
  • NUC-2199 Several designs and user experience improvements were implemented for the User Groups Improve user groups
  • NUC-77 Implemented a 2-factor authentification module.
  • NUC-6893 Fields, which are defined as mandatory in the user profile configuration, are now added to the user profile popup



  • NUC-5466 Improved the Submission Excel export
  • NUC-5464 Added the Like and Follow icon to the Submission card within Campaigns


  • NUC-600 Restructured the menu tabs in the submission tab
  • NUC-7090 Added a reference section (data upload) to the all Ideation Submission element
  • NUC-3973 Implemented an Excel export/import for the Ideation Campaigns


  • NUC-559 A Parent/Child Feature was added. This enables you to define a parent entity, which then can have multiple child elements which in themselves are entities.*
  • NUC-6187 Child elements can now be managed within a Kanban Board


Crunchbase Integration


  • NUC-6146 Integration of Crunchbase to enrich company profiles automatically*
  • NUC-6147 Integration of Crunchbase to pull company information in your elements*

Top Companies



  • NUC-6985 Extend the API: For all user search fields, the users' full name and user name will be retrieved
  • NUC-6657 Added the element Status to the API
  • NUC-7444 Added is_archived to the API

Salesforce Integration

  • NUC-6145 Integration of Salesforce to enrich company profiles automatically*



  • NUC-3557 Improved the most visited elements table on the Dashboard
  • NUC-5926 Added an option to use Segment Fields when creating a Dashboard
  • NUC-5007 Added several design improvements for the Dashboard
  • NUC-4293 Added Likes to the Activity Rate chart on the System statistics Dashboard
  • NUC-2312 Added a Like column to the Top elements table on the System statistics Dashboard


Kanban Board

  • NUC-4242 Added an option to hide empty swimlanes and columnsmceclip5.png
  • NUC-6328 Tasks can now be moved on the Board without confirming and saving each movement


  • NUC-6828 Renamed the Portfolio visualization to Matrix


  • NUC-6477 Value dependency fields can now be multi-select fields
  • NUC-5825 Implemented feature that allows choosing a 2nd Task dependency
  • NUC-2194 Implemented a new workflow trigger type to convert one element type to another one. Please note: Convert Entity can be combined with Phase Change, Workflow status change, Value Change, Comment, Notification, Rating, Date Value Change. However, Convert Entity cannot be combined only with Enrichment trigger type.
  • NUC-6328 Tasks can now be moved on the Board without confirming and saving each movement
  • NUC-6929 Implemented a feature when converting one entity to another, the title, image, and abstract from the source entity can dynamically be mapped fields from the destination entity
  • NUC-5296 Added a "Notification" trigger type to the Workflow Configuration
  • NUC-7171 Added feature to visually indicate whether all actions required for an action button have been executed
  • NUC-5054 Added a function to add multiple links to the field type Single Line Input Field with validator "URL"

Open Innovation

External Gateway


  • NUC-6551 Added the active filters to the Radar PDF export
  • NUC-6198 Improved the length of Radar distance labels and moved the Radar distance filter into the legend widget



  • NUC-4099 Added a permission to control Roadmap milestone actions
  • NUC-5366 Implemented a feature to move elements between Roadmap layers via drag-and-drop
  • NUC-4489 Implemented Roadmap snapshots that allow you to save different states of your roadmap for later reference and backup purposes.


  • NUC-1702 Implemented Roadmap scenarios that allow you to react faster and more efficiently upon upcoming (market) events collaborating with all relevant and affected stakeholders.*
  • NUC-98 Added a Critical path analysis that lets you define different rules that validate your strategic planning for potential dependencies and gaps.*
  • NUC-3647 Added permission for "View own Roadmap"
  • NUC-6982 Improved the user experience when sorting the Roadmap layers
  • NUC-6693 Implemented a "Select all" feature for the Roadmap layer filtermceclip6.png
  • NUC-6492 Implemented a feature that shows empty roadmap layers by default


  • NUC-6241 Restructured the action menu on the Roadmap for better user experience
  • NUC-6232 Implemented dynamic layer height for filtered Roadmap views
  • NUC-5780 Milestone dates can be adjusted via drag-and-drop on the roadmap itself
  • NUC-5044 Milestones can be removed directly in the element preview sidebar
  • NUC-4905 Implemented UI/UX improvements for the Saved Filter and View popup window on the roadmap
  • NUC-3456 Added a "Visibility Tab" to the roadmap
  • NUC-2245 Roadmaps are now also listed in the Explorer
  • NUC-1982 Added a "Today" marker to the Roadmap
  • NUC-8159 Implemented a feature to hide empty layers on the Roadmap


  • NUC-4800 Implemented a feature to open saved Scenarios on the Roadmap*
  • NUC-4099 Added permissions to control Roadmap milestone actions

ITONICS 3.5.0 Updates

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