Role Configuration

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

A user can only access the features and functions assigned by the Application Owner depending on the user’s assigned user role. The role configuration is part of the permission configuration.

Furthermore, the ITONICS permission concept includes an additive role concept. That means with multiple role assignments, the respective permissions complement each other or in other words, are added up.

Additive Role Concept 

Let’s explain this in a concrete use case. Assuming you have the role “Scout” assigned, which is allowed to create elements but not to rate them. Now you get the role  “Rating User” assigned, which cannot create elements but rate them. With both roles assigned you now have the permission to create and rate elements since the roles complement each other.

How to configure user roles?

Important Note

Changes in the Role Configuration has implications on your whole system. Please contact your Customer Innovation Success Manager for role adjustments.

To add new, adjust existing or delete obsolete user roles, go to Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration and click the Role Configuration tab. Please note that the Application Owner role can not be deleted or edited.


Each system user must be assigned to one or more user roles. These user roles can then receive the respective permissions associated with them via the global and entity-specific configuration.

After you have successfully configured the user roles, you can now assign permissions to the different roles in the global permission and entity-specific permission configuration.

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