Setting up a new campaign

ITONICS Campaigns support you to run multiple campaigns of different type, scope and workflow in parallel. Permitted users can follow the below steps to create a new campaign:

  • Click "Create" in the top menu. You'll see the list of element types that you are able to create.
  • Choose "Challenge" (or whatever you have re-named this to)
  • Select the campaign type
  • Select the campaign mode
    • Start your campaign setup from scratch or
    • Make use of predefined campaign blueprints for easy campaign setup
  • Hit "Next" to open the create form
    • Define the scope, context and timeframe for this campaign by adding your individual field types. This configuration is embedded within the entity configuration.
    • Invite selected stakeholders or send invitations to the entire organisation.
    • Design your campaign-specific workflow
    • Configure necessary fields for your submissions
    • Add relations to define the context of your campaign for the participants to better understand the scope, goals and purpose of the upcoming campaign.

Learn more about how to define your campaigns, follow through with them as well as how to promote them internally within the organisation by getting in touch with our internal innovation consultants. They will help you define an ideation process that fits your needs and organisational setup the best.


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