Field configuration

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

Navigate to the Field Configuration

To configure fields in a certain entity, go to Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration. Then choose an entity and click on the Manage Field icon.


Work with the Field Configuration

Edit an existing field

To edit a certain field, click on the Pen Icon next to it.


Create a new field

To add a new field to your entity, stay on the Manage Field page and scroll down to the Add a new field box.


  • Add a field label (1)
  • Define Field Type (2): Choose a Field Type from the drop-down menu. You can choose between several options that let you adjust the field type to your data (for example, when you’re adding a Start Date field, you should select a Date Picker field type).
  • Save (3)

After you clicked on Save the new entity settings form opens in a new tab. In the example below, we added the new field "Strategic focus".


In the form, you can:

  • change the previously defined Label
  • add a Tooltip
  • add the Help Text to help other users to understand the purpose of this field
  • decide whether this field is mandatory by checking the box in the form

When ready, click the Save button. You will automatically land on the Manage Field page and see a message on top indicating that the field was saved successfully.

Add fields to the detail page

Add the new field to the element edit form

To be able to complete the new field information in your element, go to the Form Configuration then drag and drop the new field to the left side to place it in the form, in your preferred place.Field_form.png

When you want to create a new or edit an existing element, you will see your new field in that form.


Add the new field to the element view

After adding the field to the edit form, decide where to place it on the element detail page. Go to the View Configuration tab and drag and drop the new field to the respective column on the left side.


When ready, click the Save button. You can check the element detail page and adjust it again if you prefer a different placement.

Learn more about fields here:

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