ITONICS Enterprise 3.16.0 - Trendy Tomato


This release focuses on:

  • Improving the capabilities of the radar
  • Introducing the dynamically configurable Explorer list view
  • Improving the configurability of the roadmap

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To deep-dive into the details of the release, take a look at the release notes.

Dynamic radar segmentation

We have improved the radar visualization. Now, it is possible to dynamically select from the different, available radar segmentations configured for the underlying entity type to easily switch between segmentations from the radar visualization. Users can easily divert from the configured default segmentation within a radar session and dynamically assess the radar by seamlessly switching between different views, respectively segmentations on the same data displayed. This empowers you to tailor your radar views to specific needs, enabling a more comprehensive and insightful analysis of your data.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 14.25.59.png

Dynamic column manager

We have implemented a new functionality available within the Explorer module. Now, if applicable, a new configuration option Manage Columns will be available within the Explorer allowing you to configure your own list view per entity type dynamically. Easily configure which fields, respectively columns shall be displayed in the table view allowing the provision of a more tailored view of the elements of an entity type that best suits your needs. This empowers you to organize and prioritize information more efficiently.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 14.20.54.png

Roadmap color configuration

We have improved the capabilities of the roadmap module. Instead of the color of elements being predefined from the EC, we now have made the color dimension configurable to allow the flexibility of adjusting the color of elements on your roadmap according to your needs. You may either provide a default color schema per roadmap per entity type to ensure consistency and clarity in your visualization, or even define a color on an individual roadmap element. Additionally, make use of the color configuration of list fields available for an entity type, while always being able to dynamically assess elements based on other field colors via the updated roadmap legend. This configuration empowers you to tailor your roadmap visuals to better convey information and insights to your stakeholders, ultimately utilizing the color as a more meaningful information dimension on the roadmap.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 14.42.18.png

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