ITONICS Enterprise 3.13.0 - Proud Papaya


This release focuses on:

  • Introducing dynamic numeric calculations
  • Improving the External Gateway feature
  • Introducing vertical sorting on the ITONICS Roadmap

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To deep-dive into the details of the release, take a look at the release notes.

Calculated number fields

We have implemented a new functionality which allows for dynamic calculations of existing numeric inputs. You can use existing numeric fields to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division calculations. Calculated number fields can, for example, be useful to flexibly and dynamically calculate total project costs and ROI, do KPI aggregations on the Board, or use the calculated fields within the Matrix visualization.


External Gateway for campaigns

We have introduced the External Gateway feature for campaigns. You can now configure External Gateways by specifically selecting a particular campaign to be open for external submissions. This enables you to, for example, enrich your idea campaign by opening the ideation process to external submissions to receive new ideas from outside the company for a running campaign.


Manual sorting of the Roadmap

We have implemented a new functionality which allows for vertical sorting within the ITONICS Roadmap. Use simple drag and drop to move elements on the Roadmap to adjust positions and dates of elements within and across Roadmap layers. The new functionality allows for a more easily configurable Roadmap view.


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