Release Notes 3.12.0 - Optimistic Orange

Important Notes

  • Features marked with a star (*) have to be activated by ITONICS. For more information, please contact your Account- or Customer Success Manager.
  • Please make sure to clear your browser cache once the update was processed, in order to avoid cache conflicts. 

Take a look at the product update article to see the release highlights at a glance.



  • NUC-6795 - Added a new feature to hide the child entity from the create menu.



Entity Configuration






  • NUC-11636 - Send files to the system with our REST API endpoints


Minor Releases

Under this section, small improvements and bug fixes of minor releases are listed.

3.12.1 (Released on 3rd of May 2023)


  • NUC-11965 - Fixed an issue where performing an action in combination with workflow triggers like Phase Change and Enrichment resulted in a disabled save button.

3.12.2 (Released on 5th of June 2023)


  • NUC-11904 - Added the missing last_edit_date information in the Rest API for consistency.


  • NUC-11822 - Fixed minor design issues in the Board.


  • NUC-11959 - Fixed a minor design issue in the Rating done popup in the Campaign Management tab.
  • NUC-12046 - Fixed an issue where an assigned evaluator cannot rate an assigned submission if the respective submission has already been rated by another user with rating permission.

Detail Page

  • NUC-12031 - Fixed an issue where the Visibility tab was mistakenly reset for elements created via the regular Create button, or Crunchbase when editing the element.


  • NUC-11946 - Fixed an issue where the behavior of and logic behind the Current User persona was wrong.


  • NUC-10984 - Fixed an issue where the column for the parent element was missing when the parent-child feature is active.
  • NUC-11706 - Improved the UI design of the PDF export.
  • NUC-12228 - Fixed an issue where provided element images were not shown in the PDF export.


  • NUC-11909 - Fixed an issue where the user was able to remove filters based on the assigned context from the frontend in the rating analysis tab.
  • NUC-12174 - Fixed an issue where the rating values were shown wrongly in the rating analysis tab.
  • NUC-12180 - Fixed a minor design issue in the sorting functionality in the rating group configuration.


  • NUC-12216 - Fixed an issue where the Roadmap Sync Dates were mistakenly created multiple times in the Group Field form, each time the Form Configuration was saved.

User Configuration

  • NUC-11928 - Adjusted the user configuration so that the Anonymous option is disabled per default.


  • NUC-12105 - Fixed an issue where the Save button was disabled when using a single checkbox field in a workflow button with Enrichment and Phase Change trigger active.

3.12.3 (Released on 14th of June 2023)


  • NUC-12291 - Fixed an issue where images were not displayed correctly in the PDF export.
  • NUC-12295 - Fixed an issue where the import of submissions did not work correctly.


  • NUC-12206 - Fixed an issue where an email token did not function correctly for specific system languages.


  • NUC-12184 - Fixed a performance issue of the original implementation of NUC-11704, which added to whitelist domains to be embedded in iframes.


  • NUC-12304 - Fixed a translation issue on the login page that occurred though the correct translation was added.

3.12.4 (Released on 5th of July 2023)


  • NUC-12179 - Fixed an issue where publishing a child element in draft state did not lead to a correct notification of users with visibility permission in the parent element.
  • NUC-12338 - Fixed an issue where the campaign status was not updated correctly when bulk rating submissions.
  • NUC-12364 - Fixed an issue where loading more than 100 submissions in the campaign management tab did result in problems with the drag and drop functionality.

Detail Page

  • NUC-12390 - Fixed an issue where in a campaign with over 100 submissions, the bulk rate feature did not work correctly.


  • NUC-12367 - Fixed an issue where the context values, from which ratings were done, were not correctly exported.
  • NUC-12396 - Fixed an issue where disabling searchable entity types, of which elements were added in another element search field, led to the respective element with the element search field not being able to export.

Open Innovation

  • NUC-12159 - Fixed an issue where submissions submitted via an External Gateway were not shown in the system.
  • NUC-12207 - Fixed an issue where even though an error occurred during the saving process of an element, reference files provided via the External Gateway were still stored in the database. When again creating an element of that entity type and uploading a reference file, the previously mistakenly uploaded files appeared


  • NUC-12324 - Fixed an issue where the Cancel and Save buttons of a group field were mistakenly hidden when used in combination with a workflow trigger.


  • NUC-12090 - Fixed an issue where after editing a roadmap, the last date of change was not updated correctly.


  • NUC-12350 - Fixed an issue where the SAML/SCIM mapping did not work correctly.

3.12.5 (Released on 6th of February 2024)


  • NUC-13160 - Implemented a new “Report” button option to adhere with the new EU Digital Service Act measures.
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