Manage your idea portfolio with the ITONICS visualizations

What is it?

Since the created parent campaign and idea child entities are regular entities defined in the entity configuration, it is possible to use any ITONICS module, i.e., radar, matrix, board, network graph, Explorer, tag cloud, custom dashboard for further analysis. It is thus also possible to compare submissions between different campaigns or re-allocate one/multiple submission(s) from one campaign to another campaign.

How does it work?

First, please make sure that you have read and followed the steps described in these two articles:

After the configuration of the workflow, navigate to the entity, e.g., idea, for which you want to define a visualization, i.e., via the Settings Wheel > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration. Click on the edit icon of the respective entity and activate the respective module on the page you landed.

After defining attributes (plus marking them as rating criteria) and defining rating criteria, you will be able to define a default view for the Matrix, Radar, and Board. Once the module has been activated, you will find a new tab for the default module configuration.

This will help you to oversee your complete idea portfolio. Furthermore, you can use the filter options, such as the "relate to" filter to narrow down your view to a specific campaign by entering the campaign's name into the 'relate to'-search bar.


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