Release Notes 3.10.0 - Mindful Mango

Important Notes

  • Features marked with a star (*) have to be activated by ITONICS. For more information, please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Success Manager.
  • Please make sure to clear your browser cache once the update was processed, in order to avoid cache conflicts. 

This release solely focuses on making the ITONICS Innovation OS more stable and secure:


  • NUC-10447 - Implement a feature for the Authors field, where users added to this field can get the permission to View and/or Edit the respective Idea. This allows users to nominate (Co-) Authors or form teams for their ideas.

Embedding of iframes has changed – what you need to know

  • For security reasons, a new handling of domains that can be embedded via an iFrame in rich text fields has been implemented. It is now necessary to add domains to a whitelist. Please contact the technical support via or your Customer Innovation Success Manager to whitelist further embedded domains.


Minor Releases

Under this section, small improvements and bug fixes of minor releases are listed.

3.10.1 (Released on 22nd of December 2022)


  • NUC-10929 - Fixed an issue where the brand logo distorted the header area of the landing page.
  • NUC-11115 - Fixed an issue where notifications settings were overwritten for newsletters, workflow and external gateway.
  • NUC-11185 - Fixed an issue where the header image in the Create Newsletter page did not display correctly.


  • NUC-9245 - Fixed an issue where importing a roadmap with title with whitespaces resulted in duplicated roadmaps.

3.10.2 (Released on 30th of December 2022)


  • NUC-11244 - Fixed an issue where the date picker values, that are enriched via a workflow, were not pushed through the rest API.


  • NUC-11264 - Fixed an issue where it was not possible to add a user to the Created by filter in dashboards.

Element Configuration

  • NUC-11212 - Fixed an issue where field values were mistakenly hidden from the form and edit configuration.


  • NUC-10507 - Fixed an issue where the Excel import was not working while the external gateway was activated.


  • NUC-10788 - Fixed an issue where the button design of email notifications was distorted.

3.10.3 (Released on 24th of January 2023)

This release solely focuses on making the ITONICS Innovation OS more stable and performant.

3.10.4 (Released on 2nd of February 2023)


  • NUC-6928 - Implemented a dynamic rating import for submissions/ideas

3.10.5 (Released on 10th of February 2023)

This release solely focuses on making the ITONICS Innovation OS compatible with MSSQL.

3.10.6 (Released on 23rd of February 2023)


  • NUC-10821 – Fixed an issue where rating criteria were not listed on the board legend.


  • NUC-11332 - Fixed an issue where activities (e.g., liking an element) were treated as an element update.
  • NUC-11380 - Fixed an issue where the end date of a campaign could not be adjusted.


  • NUC-11257 - Fixed an issue where only up to 1000 elements were included in the export.
  • NUC-10939 - Fixed an issue where user search fields were not visible when it was used in multiple entities.


  • NUC-11537 - Fixed an issue where the entity type filter was not working properly when sorting was applied.


  • NUC-11566 - Fixed an issue where the same notifications were send multiple times.

3.10.7 (Released on 28th of February 2023)


  • NUC-11380 - Fixed an issue where it was not possible to change/delete the start and end date of always-on campaigns.
  • NUC-11610 - Fixed an issue where reference data was not saved in submissions.


  • NUC-11501 - Fixed an issue where the error message for Excel import showed the wrong row numbers.


  • NUC-11570 - Fixed multiple issues related to the Roadmap sync dates.

3.10.8 (Released on 24th of March 2023)

Element detail page:

  • NUC-11704 - Implemented a default whitelist of domains that can be embedded in rich text fields. For more information, please see the following article.


  • NUC-11236 - Fixed an issue where the info text of the Excel export was misleading.
  • NUC-11861 - Fixed an issue where users were blocked from the system.
  • NUC-11527 - Fixed an issue where the order of the system timeline was inverted.
  • NUC-11565 - Fixed an issue where it was not possible to save an applied change in the entity configuration.


  • NUC-11703 - Fixed an issue with incorrect and non-translatable in-system notifications.


  • NUC-11221 - Fixed an issue where e-mail tokens were not working when used within a workflow.

3.10.9 (Released on 10th of April 2023)


  • NUC-11584 - Fixed an issue where the total number of activity points displayed in the user profile and the toast message did not match.
  • NUC-10738 - Implemented a feature that allows you to show more elements (previously only 10) in the Top elements list on the system statistics Dashboard.
  • NUC-10783 - Improved the user search by enabling the usage of quotation marks to narrow down search results.
  • NUC-11865 - Fixed an issue where the file upload field did not support the upload of video files.
  • NUC-11947 - Implemented a validation for the required Author field in the Add new Authors popup.
  • NUC-11958 - Fixed an issue that occurred when deleting segment fields with three levels.
  • NUC-10988 - The in-app gamification notifications triggered by the user are now shown in real-time.


  • NUC-9296 - Improved the validation functionality if Enrichment trigger is combined with other trigger types (e.g., Phase Change). Now, current changes can be saved before all mandatory fields are filled out.


  • NUC-11944 - Fixed an issue where the shapes for the rating criteria were displayed incorrectly.

3.10.10 (Released on 3rd of May 2023)


  • NUC-11965 - Fixed an issue where performing an action in combination with workflow triggers like Phase Change and Enrichment resulted in a disabled save button.

3.10.11 (Released on 17th of May 2023)


  • NUC-10836 - Fixed an issue where only a maximum of 100 submissions was displayed, and the bulk assign action was prohibited if previously a phase change was initiated for one submission but canceled in the process.
  • NUC-10984 - Fixed an issue where the mandatory column for the parent element of the parent-child feature was missing from the export template.
  • NUC-11246 - Fixed a design issue in the Rate now popup of submissions.
  • NUC-11312 - Fixed an issue where the filter tab was not expanded in the child kanban board if the parent-child module is active in an entity and as child element has segment fields.
  • NUC-11815 - Fixed an issue where next and previous buttons were mistakenly shown on the reference block of an element if using the convert entity feature.


  • NUC-10480 - Fixed an issue where searching for tags in the tag management section was working incorrectly.
  • NUC-11591 - Fixed an issue where specific translations were missing throughout the system.
  • NUC-11760 - Fixed an issue where a token of a notification template led to a language slug being appended to the page URL, which led to a page not found error.
  • NUC-11877 - Fixed an issue where configurations made in the group field configuration were not saved correctly.
  • NUC-12006 - Fixed an issue where unexpected validation errors were thrown when using the convert entity feature.
  • NUC-12030 - Fixed an issue where Spanish translations were displayed incorrectly in the filter configuration.
  • NUC-12047 - Fixed an issue where creating an element with the name admin led to the Application Owner role not being able to access the respective element, besides having the required permissions.
  • NUC-12120 - Fixed an issue where error messages were mistakenly shown on the login page.
  • NUC-12169 - Fixed an issue where permission sharing to user groups with context fields did not work correctly.


  • NUC-11785 - Fixed an issue where wrong KPI aggregation values were shown on the kanban board due to KPI criteria being disabled via the filter configuration.
  • NUC-11995 - Fixed an issue where clicking on a dashboard chart redirected to the explorer page, but with the wrong filters applied.

Detail Page

  • NUC-11750 - Fixed an issue where the placement of the action buttons on the detail page was disturbed if too many tabs were configured for this entity type.


  • NUC-11645 - Fixed an issue where only single data was imported for a searchable dropdown field with multi-select.


  • NUC-11410 - Fixed an issue where disabled entities were displayed as empty dropdowns in the gamification configuration.


  • NUC-11204 - Fixed an issue with the signals feed where the top companies were not sorted correctly when filtered down.
  • NUC-11966 - Fixed a design issue with the date picker field on the detail page of an element having the signals feed activated.
  • NUC-12145 - Fixed an issue where not all information was transferred when converting a signal to an element of entity type inspiration.


  • NUC-10305 - Fixed an issue where the distance labels on the radar were misaligned.
  • NUC-10551 - Fixed a design issue where elements were plotted incorrectly on the radar if there were too many options in the distance and size dimensions.
  • NUC-11772 - Fixed an issue where disabling a segment field used in the radar configuration via the filter configuration broke the radar segmentation.


  • NUC-11215 - Fixed an issue where a text block was mistakenly displayed even after closing the Add milestone pop-up.
  • NUC-11720 - Fixed an issue where a filter used by multiple entities was displayed on the individual entities instead of the general filter section.
  • NUC-11903 - Fixed an issue where the Add milestone pop-up was displayed incorrectly due to a console error.


  • NUC-10678 - Fixed an issue that led to no tasks being provided as search results when filtering with different dropdown filters.
  • NUC-12105 - Fixed an issue where using a single checkbox as a mandatory field in a workflow button having the enrichment and phase change trigger type led to the Save button not being displayed.
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