Distinguish persons with the same name

What is it? 

In large organizations, there can be several users with the same name. This makes it difficult to differentiate them quickly on the system, specifically when searching for users. To solve this, ITONICS offers a Display Name Configuration where you can differentiate the users based on User Attributes like Organizational Unit, Region, etc.

How does it work?

Go to the Settings Wheel > User Configuration > User Configuration > Display Name Configuration: 

  • The tokens for First Name and Last Name are the default in the field Display Name (1).
  • Further available tokens are listed below the field Display Name (2).
    • Keep in mind that tokens are only available for the following field types: 
      • List fields (single-select) 
      • Single-line Input Fields (text, email, number) 
  • Copy and paste the required token(s) in the Display Name field.
  • Be aware of the following conventions: 
    • Put the tokens in brackets  [ ] 
    • Put a space between the tokens
  • Save your configuration (3).


The display name will only appear when you search for users, such as in User Search Fields or when you comment and name a user in such a comment. That means that it is not displayed in the view mode where users are added in User Search Fields.

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