Manage Feedback

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

What is it? 

Every user of the application might have questions about the application. This can be comprehension questions, issues, or feedback for product enhancements. The ITONICS support module offers you the option to collect this feedback and respond to it individually. 

You can either reach out to the reporter or, after the submission, the Application Owner can decide to forward this feedback to ITONICS. 

How does it work?

Every request will be logged after hitting the support button (at the bottom right of the application). Once a request was submitted, it will be found in the Help Portal. 

The feedback overview page in the help portal provides you with a list of all feedback that has been submitted by users. Go to the Settings Wheel > Help Portal > Feedback Overview to find the feedback.

You will find a list of all submitted issues and improvements by any user. To learn how to submit feedback, go to How to use the support module.

Manage Feedback.png

  • You will find general information about the date when the feedback was submitted, the user who submitted it, and the title. Further to the right you will find the feedback status, the type (issue or improvement), and information about whether the feedback was sent to ITONICS (only applicable to feedback of type issue). Under actions, you can view, edit or delete the feedback (1).
  • You can Select multiple feedbacks in the tickbox on the left of each row and bulk-change their status (2).
  • To view the feedback details, Click on the title of the feedback.
  • To send an issue to ITONICS, click on the title of the feedback. You will land on the detail page of the feedback where you should find the button "Send to ITONICS". 


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