ITONICS Support Options

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

What is it?

Every user of the application might have questions about the application. This can be comprehension questions, issues, or feedback for product enhancements. The ITONICS support module offers you the option to collect this feedback and respond to it individually. 

How does it work?

You can either reach out to the reporting person or, after the submission, the Application Owner can decide to forward this feedback to ITONICS. 

Before submitting any feedback to ITONICS there are several steps you can take to help to ensure that your issue is resolved efficiently:

Be specific: Instead of saying "my list isn’t working", specify which list and describe the unexpected behavior.

Provide links: Guide our specialists by sharing relevant URLs related to specific modules or features.

Illustrate with Visuals and Logs: When words fall short, screenshots, videos, or files paint the full picture. Include them when you can.

Various support channels are available for this purpose, such as the use of HelpDesk, communication by e-mail, or direct exchange with the respective Customer Innovation Success Manager during meetings which are further described below:

1. Reporting an issue or bug through ""

If you have an issue or bug that you would like to resolve, you can send it to "". Your request will be forwarded directly to the ITONICS support team.

Unable to see Campaign.png

Sending the above email to will create a corresponding ticket in the HelpDesk Portal which ITONICS will be notified about as indicated below.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-12 um 14.27.02.png

You will receive an email notification indicating that your ticket has been assigned to a support representative.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-12 um 14.29.24.png


2. Manage Support Requests using the Support button

Every request from a user will be logged after hitting the Support button (at the bottom right of the application). Once a request was submitted, it will be found in the Help Portal.


The feedback overview page in the Help Portal provides you with a list of all feedback that has been submitted by users. Go to the Settings Wheel > Help Portal > Support request Overview to find the feedback.

You will find a list of all submitted issues and improvements by any user. To learn how to submit feedback, go to our Submitting an issue and finding support article.

Manage Feedback.png

  • You will find general information about the date when the feedback was submitted, the user who submitted it, and the title. Further to the right you will find the feedback status, the type (Issue/Bug or Feedback/Improvement), and information about whether the feedback was Sent to ITONICS (only applicable to Issue/Bug). Under actions, you can view, edit or delete the feedback (1).
  • You can Select multiple feedbacks in the checkbox on the left of each row and bulk-change their status that can be chosen in the dropdown field next to the Change Button on the upper right side. Click on the Change Status button to apply the changes (2).
  • To view the feedback details, click on the title of the feedback.
  • To send an Issue/Bug to ITONICS, click on the title of the feedback. You will land on the detail page of the feedback where you can find the button "Send to ITONICS".

Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-14 um 16.16.00.png



3. Reporting an Issue or Bug through the Helpdesk Portal

Communication with clients around updates regarding their tickets logged can be done through the ITONICS HelpDesk Portal which will require the client to sign up.

Signing up through the Helpdesk Portal will provide you with access to your tickets logged where you can view the progress of your tickets via a dashboard.

Before you can use the Helpdesk Portal you need to sign up through the link from the “Welcome to HelpDesk” email that will be sent to you after submitting a request to ITONICS.


b) Click on the “sign-up link”

c) Complete sign-up by entering your “Full name” and “Password and selecting “Sign up”


HD Sign Up to continue.png

After you have done this, the following screen will confirm your registration.

HD Report a system problem.png

To report an issue or bug to ITONICS you must first log in to the HelpDesk Portal. 

Log into Helpdesk Portal.png

Then you have to click on “Report a system problem”.

HD Select Report a system problem.png

This will lead you the "Report a system problem" window.


You have to fill in the requested information into the fields and click "Send".

The ticket will be created and send to ITONICS HelpDesk Portal. You will see a confirmation window displaying all details of your request as a summary.

HD I am unable to see campaigns 2.png

After creating one or more tickets you can communicate with ITONICS using either of the following 2 options as indicated below.

Option 1 ) Select “Requests” in the top right hand corner and “Created by me”.

HD created by me(1).png

Your tickets logged will be displayed, please select one.

Created Requests.png

You will be presented with a comment section, add your comment.

Option 2 ) Select “View Request” in the email sent

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-12 um 14.36.53.png

In the “Comments” section you can add your comment and click save.

HD Update Comment.png

The Helpdesk Portal will record all ITONICS Support and client communication: Below is an extract of the how it is reflected in the Helpdesk Portal.

HD Client Communication 2.png

HD Close request.png

Support feedback experience

As ITONICS always strives to maintain high standards and continuously improve their customer support, you will receive the below request to provide feedback on your Support Experience once you have confirmed that your incident reported has been fixed.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-09-18 um 18.21.58.png

You can complete the feedback by selecting “here” and selecting either one of the relevant feedback options below and it is optional to include your email address or to indicate the reason as to why you chose a particular rating. If you require ITONICS to further communicate with you around your feedback rating selected, then please do enter your email address.

Feedback request selection.png


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