Group fields and ratings in collapsible sections

Who can use this feature?

Only the Application Owner role can use this feature.

What is it? 

A group field contains fields that logically belong together. Grouping fields in a collapsible group makes sense when you have numerous fields and when you want to place them together on a content element. For example, Company Information can be a Group Field that contains fields like Website, Location, Founding Year, or Number of Employees.

Via group fields, it is also possible to define rating groups. In combination with the workflow configuration, this will allow you to judge, for instance, an idea at different stages by different rating criteria.


How does it work?

Go to the Settings Wheel > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration. Click on the edit icon of the respective entity and navigate to the tab Group Field Configuration.


Define a new group field

You can add a new group field by clicking on the Add Group Field (6) button. When creating a group field, you are presented with three attributes: Label, Field Type, and Default Expand.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 17.10.25.png

  • Starting with the Label, define the name of the group.
  • Within the Tooltip option, define additional information to be shown within a tooltip behind a ?-icon on the element detail page.
  • Enter additional information / content within the information box on forms field, while being able to provide the content for the different system languages. The entered content will then be shown within a highlighted information box above the group field in the following locations:
    • On the create/edit form if included via the create/edit form configurations
    • On the workflow enrichment form if the group field is addressed via a workflow enrichment trigger
    • On the rate now widget, if configured as a rating group

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 17.17.35.png

  • With the drop-down (Field Type) you can select fields that you want to have in this group from those that you defined before
  • Define a highlight color for the group field to be displayed on the element detail page via the Group color Picker.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 17.19.37.png

  • When you select the Default Expand checkbox, the information will be expanded in the default view. In the example below, Project Information is presented with an expanded view, while Project Aspiration is an example of information presented in a compressed view.



Placing a group field in the create/edit and view form

As with the creation of any single attribute, you also need to define the place of the group field in the create/edit form and in the view form. Group fields will be marked dark red in both configurations.

Per drag and drop, you define the right placement. Note that the single attributes added to a group will not appear anymore in the forms.

Making a group field a rating group field

If you want to add rating criteria to a group field, you will be first asked to check the box "rating field". Once clicked, a new menu opens from which you can add the rating criteria that you have defined before in the rating configuration.

This grouping of ratings also provides you with the possibility to build an aggregation across all the values of the rating criteria. To build an aggregated rating, check the box "Aggregate this Rating Group". You can now assign a name for this aggregated rating and weights for each rating criterion in the group. 

You will find further information under Configuring rating criteria

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 15.35.24.png

Further actions in the group field configuration

  • To edit a group field, click on the edit icon (1).
  • To translate the group field, click on the world icon (2).
  • To open and configure the view of a group field, click on the gear icon (3).
  • To open and configure the form of a group field, click on the search icon (4).
  • To delete a group field, click on the delete icon (5.)
  • To create a group field, click on Add Group Field (6).



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