Customize the platform design

What is it? 

The application allows you to customize its look by providing custom logos and using your own colors.

How does it work?

Via the settings wheel in the top right corner (Settings Wheel > System Administration > Brand Management), you can define your custom brand. Click on the Add Brand button and fill in the required fields.


  • Give your brand a name. (1)
  • Select a primary color for your brand, which will be dominant throughout the system. For instance, the primary buttons will be this color.  (2)
  • Select a secondary color for your brand as well. The secondary color comes into play when hovering over action buttons, changing the primary color into the secondary one. (3)
  • Upload a Brand Favicon, an image that will show up on the browser window. (4)
  • The Brand Logo will be displayed on the login page and below the Radar. (5)
    • Note: optional
    • Note: the brand logo will affect all system mails
  • The Menu Logo will be shown on the left side of the top menu. (6)
  • You are also able to choose between two menu themes: dark or light mode. (7)


Once you are done, click the Save button to store your brand (8). Now you need to activate it. To do so, click the Check icon (9) and confirm the order by pressing Build on the following page.


Note: only one brand can be activated at a time, and the brand-building process might take some time to be implemented. By selecting the respective brand, you can always Edit (10) or Delete (11) any existing brand from the table.

If you want to create your own brand, check out this inspiring article on using your own brand on the system to attract and engage your users.

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