Submitting an issue and finding support

What is it? 

During your journey through and working with the application, you might encounter an issue or have a question. To pose such a question and inform your Application Owner about an issue, you will find in the lower right corner of your screen a support button. 

Via this support button, you can send your issue or question to your Application Owner. The Application Owner will then process it further

To find help and understand the ITONICS application in general, you will find in the top right corner the professor's hat icon left to the notification bell. Via this icon, you will be directed to the ITONICS Knowledge Base.

When submitting a ticket, there are several steps you can take to help ensure that your issue is resolved efficiently:

Be specific: Instead of saying "my list isn’t working", specify which list and describe the unexpected behavior.

Provide links: Guide the support team by sharing relevant URLs related to specific modules or features.

How does it work? 

You can find the Support Button on the lower right side of any page on the ITONICS platform.

By clicking it, you will be able to fill in a support request form.

  • Choose if you want to submit an Issue/Bug or Feedback/Improvement. (1)
  • Briefly name your problem. (2)
  • Summarize and describe the issue or feedback. (3)
  • Attach a screenshot to illustrate your request. (4)
  • Click on the Send button to submit the request. (5)


Note: Once you have submitted an Issue/Bug or Feedback/Improvement, it will not automatically be sent to ITONICS.  Instead, submitted issues and feedback will be stored and displayed in the Support request overview of the ITONICS help portal. Here, the Application Owner can manage and prioritize submitted issues and feedback, and decide what to forward to ITONICS. Please refer to the knowledge base article Managing Feedback for more information.


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