Navigate the platform

After you log in to the ITONICS platform, you will land on the home page. Learn what you can find here and which actions you can perform.


  • The main menu (1)

The main menu contains the Explorer section and the main products and modules according to your subscription.

  • Sub-menus & Feed page (2)

You will find sub-menus for some of the main menu items. The sub-menus are also accessible through a drop-down list when hovering over the main menu.

The newest elements are displayed on the Feed page in ascending order and grouped by entity type. Click View all to see all elements of a certain type.

  • Search box (3)

Use it to find relevant elements on the platform.

  • Create element (4)

Click the Create button to add new content (Trend, Technology, Company, etc.).

  • FAQ section (5)

The ITONICS knowledge base (that you are in now) contains instructions on how to manage the platform and answers to common questions.

  • System notifications (6)

New notifications are displayed with a count icon near the notifications symbol (Bell icon). Click on the icon to see notification details.

  • User profile section (7)

Click the Portrait icon to check your user profile, settings, or simply log out of the platform.

  • Admin section (8)

Depending on your permissions, you can find the administration button in the platforms’ top right corner.

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