How to embed the radar on a webpage

What is it? 

The ITONICS Radar allows displaying a rich content landscape and understand it easily by representing multiple characteristics simultaneously by the distance to the radar center, placement in a segment, color, size, and shape. Now, to easily communicate your foresight activities or innovation initiatives via a public website or intranet, you can make use of the radar embed. This way, you can embed the radar as an iframe to keep your workforce up-to-date, inspire an external audience, or find partners to collectively work with on innovation initiatives in the future.

Please note: This feature needs to be activated by ITONICS. As a prerequisite, the ITONICS radar module must be active. We recommend contacting your Customer Success Manager to align on the initial setup of the radar iframe, including generation of the embed token.

How does it work?

To embed a radar in another website, first an embed token must be created. Secondly, the domain of the respective website or intranet page (you can also register multiple domains) must be registered. Again, we recommend contacting your Customer Success Manager to do so. Once done, you can then use either the iframe code or embed token itself to integrate into another website.

For example:

<iframe src='’insert token' frameborder='1' width='100%' height='800' refererpolicy='origin'></iframe>

Be aware that an embedded radar will correspond to the view of the Application Owner role on the underlying radar. This means that any element visible to the Application Owner role on this radar will also be displayed accordingly on the embed. Thereby, the embedded radar will make use of the default configuration defined for the respective radar, such as the default criteria to be used for the Distance dimension. 

Furthermore, clicking on an element dot in the radar will open the element sidebar view for the underlying element. The system automatically handles which content is allowed to be displayed on the embed, and which must be restricted from external access. This is especially important, since the element sidebar configuration allows custom configuration of the content to be displayed in the sidebar view. The following content is displayed in the sidebar view in the radar embed:

  1. Element title
  2. Element type
  3. Abstract
  4. Segment fields
  5. Rate widget (however, read-only average information)
  6. Location search fields
  7. Simple text fields

The following information is restricted and not displayed in the radar embed:

  1. Creator
  2. Crated At
  3. Updated At
  4. Relations
  5. User search fields
  6. Tags
  7. Element search fields
  8. Date picker fields
  9. Single-line input fields (esp. budget information / number fields)

Please note that also no actions such as edit are available in the element sidebar view of the embed.

Screenshot 2024-07-03 at 10.47.32.png

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