Define the field order of the export / import template

What is it?

To allow for more tailored xlsx export and import files, respectively templates, the Export/Import Order Configuration may be used. For examples, this may be of use to position more important fields at the front of the export file, or ultimately tailor the export/import files or templates in a way to facilitate the further processing in, i.e. any other 3rd-Party-ETL-tool.

How does it work?

Navigate to Settings > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration and there to the tab Export/Import Order Configuration

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 08.09.41.png

Click on the tab to open the configuration page. Here, the page is generally structured into the Dragzone (1) and the list of fields (2) that are available for ordering for the particular entity type.

Notice that the static fields ID, Generated ID, Link, Created By, Created At, Edited At, Publication Status, and Archived are fixed and are thus not available for re-ordering (3).

Underneath, all fields available for re-ordering are listed (4).

Before any changes are applied, the default ordering applies, which lists the fields according to their creation date, while the Relation field will initially be added at the end. Be aware that any newly created or enabled fields are added at the end of the Export/Import Order Configuration, and will then be available for re-ordering. This behavior does also apply for group fields, i.e. disabling a group field, which will then list the individual fields again at the end of the Export/Import Order Configuration.

Furthermore, Group fields, Relations, and Ratings are listed each only once in the configuration page. However, be aware that, i.e. repositioning the Relations option at another position will result in all Relation fields / columns being listed after one another in the corresponding export or import file.

Screenshot 2024-04-11 at 08.13.56.png

Note: Any changes applied to the field ordering via the Export/Import Order Configuration are stored for the particular entity type only. Therefore, only one ordering can generally be defined per entity type. Further, be aware that the ordering configured does apply to both the exported xlsx file, AND the corresponding import template for the import action of the respective entity type.

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