Independent Button

What is it? 

The Independent Button configuration enables you to make use of the Workflow call-to-action buttons for an Entity, without applying an actual workflow to it.

Note: This feature is not enabled by default and is part of the ITONICS Portfolio Module. Please contact your Account- or Customer Innovation Sucess Manager in order to activate this feature on your platform.

How does it work? 

Once the feature is enabled, navigate to the Entity Configuration menu of the Entity of your choice.

Click on the Independent Button menu that opens a list of all existing configured Independent Buttons (1).

Click on Add Action Button to create a new button (2)


In the pop-up to configure the Independent Button, you can add additional information and characteristics. Independent_Button_-_Add_Button.png

  • Label of the Button: You can set the display name of the button. (1)
  • Who can access this Button?: You can determine who can see and click on this button. You can select the Creator, Users, User Groups, Roles, Business Units, and/or User Search Fields. (2)
  • Trigger Type: You can make use of almost all Workflow Trigger Types described in the Workflow Trigger Types article. The only limitation is that the trigger types Phase Change and Workflow Status Change cannot be used on the Independent Button. (3)
  • Show Button Status: You can set whether a check mark should display on the action button on the detail page of an Element once the button has been clicked and the defined actions have been performed. In the example below, all the required project details have been added. (4) Independent_Button_-_Detail_Page.png

Once you have filled out all the information, click Save (5).

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