Landing Page Examples: How to help users navigate the platform

How to help users use the system instantly

Rolling out the Innovation OS at your organization means that you have to get users onboarded. It will likely not be possible to provide training for every user, and users will use the system from different perspectives.

As the system administrator, you should support a smooth onboarding experience by creating an appealing landing page. An appealing landing page is the first place of orientation and will guide users to use the system as you intend it to be used. Our feature, the landing page configurator provides you with the necessary flexibility to design your own landing page.

In this article, we have compiled some inspiring examples, showing you the different possibilities for configuring your landing page and activating users on the system.

Example #1: Foresight Hub

In this example, users can quickly see what key themes are attractive to the organization at that time. Using key themes on the landing page allows users to access quickly what drivers of change coin the themes’ developments towards the future. By clicking on the action buttons, they can explore related signals and drivers of change as quickly as possible. The whole system is designed as a foresight database, and the landing page supports the need to dive into any key theme instantly.


Example #2: Hello Future

This example focuses on providing a better understanding of changing consumer needs immediately. From the landing page, users can explore trends and other market signals quickly. By providing appealing information immediately, you motivate users to get involved.


Example #3: Innoverse - From Foresight to Ideation

The Innoverse system aims to bridge strategy and execution. The system covers a database with daily updated information on macro-trends, micro-trends, and inspirations. The landing page design supports easy access to such updates with respective action buttons in the first section. The results of yearly trend evaluation rounds are further used to initiate idea campaigns. Via the second section on the landing page, the users get access to such campaigns and ideas. Furthermore, users are invited to learn more about the company’s innovation program in the third section. 


Example #4: Innobase - From Trends and Ideas to Budgets

Here, the landing page focus on accelerating decision-making for funding projects. Users can explore trends and understand the connection between new developments and projects. From the landing page, users are asked to submit ideas related to specific opportunities.


Example #5: End2End Innovation Platform

This example provides users with all things innovation related to the customer’s side. It acts as a database where users can learn about the latest trends and applications of emerging technologies. It provides the tracking of MVP projects over time and in roadmaps and provides the option to submit ideas and find solutions from partner companies. This landing page delivers information across the end2end innovation management process.


Example #6: End2End Innovation Platform in the Innoverse

Driven by the vision of empowering internal entrepreneurs, this system allows users to discover and evaluate trends and technologies and develop new ideas and disruptive business models. It also includes the option to discover hot topics, campaigns, and running projects. For all activities, the landing page provides the right call-to-action and so making it easy for platform entrants to get involved. 


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