Creating reminder notifications from date picker fields

What is it? 

To help your users stay engaged, use notifications to remind them of deadlines or tasks with reminder notifications.

How does it work?

Reminder notifications are triggered by a date picker field that has been added to a specific entity. Depending on the value set for this date picker field, multiple notifications may be triggered. 

To set a reminder notification, go to the Settings Wheel > Entity Configuration > Entity Configuration. From there, select the entity and the respective date picker field for which a reminder notification should be triggered:

  1. Activate now the reminder notification by ticking the checkbox of the date picker field (1).
  2. Choose the time when to trigger the reminder. You are able to select more than one option (2).
  3. Choose who should receive the reminder notification (3):
    1. Specific users
    2. User Groups
    3. User Roles


For adjusting the respective notification template that will be sent to the selected users, navigate to the Settings Wheel > System Administration > Email Templates.

A preview of the default email template is provided below.


You can also use the reminder notifications in combination with a workflow. In this case, you can tie a date value change to a click on an action button. The date will be updated and, thus, the reminder notification time as well.


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